Google’s updated Nest Thermostat has a refreshing design, touch controls

Google's new Nest Thermostat is a great smart home addition.
Image: Google

It’s been ten years since Google launched its first smart Nest Thermostat. While it was originally a device for tech-loving homeowners, it has quickly become a part of life in ordinary homes around the world. Nest thermostats offer a combination of connected features and energy savings that make them well worth the investment.

Now, Google is rolling out a new Nest Thermostat. The updated model features a sleek design and touch controls. It is a refresh ten years in the making.

Meet the New Nest Thermostat

It’s hard to miss a traditional Nest Thermostat. The original model is a bit bulky and looks like a hockey puck on the wall. The version Google unveiled on Monday is far sleeker. Part of the reason for the change is the fact that the new thermostat features touch controls rather than a rotating frame.

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This made it possible for Google to shrink the entire unit. To control the thermostat, you simply drag a finger up or down along the side or tap the edge.

Unlike the original Nest Thermostat, the new model comes in four colors—snow, sand, charcoal, and fog. This should make it easier to blend into the wall. Aside from that, the new Nest Thermostat looks far more appealing. Instead of being something you want to hide it acts as a tasteful wall ornament.

Part of that appeal can be attributed to the mirrored display. The finish is stunning and gives the device a high-end look.

Energy-Saving Features

As mentioned, many people love their Nest Thermostat because of the energy-saving features it offers. The newest model comes packed with plenty of potential for savings thanks to existing and additional features.

For one, it boasts the same Soli radar technology as the Pixel 4. This allows the unit to wake up when you approach it. The display will show things like the current indoor temperature, set temperature, and what mode the system is in.

The radar feature also allows the new Nest Thermostat to automatically trigger its Eco Mode when it detects that no one is home. For instance, in the winter, your home can stay at a brisk 50 degrees (F) during the workday and then start warming up when you get back.

Finally, the updated Thermostat has a new feature called Savings Finder. It works with Eco Mode to automatically find ways that you can save on your energy bill. The Thermostat makes recommendations via the Home app, which users can accept or ignore. It works year-round to harvest energy savings that most people would ignore or not bother with if they didn’t have a smart thermostat.

When will the New Nest Thermostat Arrive?

Fortunately, those interested in upgrading their existing Nest Thermostat to the newest model, or those just getting started on their smart home journey, won’t have to wait long.

In a recent blog post, Google notes that the new Thermostat is available for pre-order now. It says that units will ship “in the coming weeks.”

The Nest Thermostat costs $129.99 and will be available at Google’s own store, Best Buy, Home Depot, and other retailers. Keep an eye out for this show-stopping smart home accessory when you’re ready for a quick home improvement project.


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