GiiKER’s Super Cube is a fun, 21st-century reinvention of the Rubix Cube

GiiKER Super Cube is a fun 21st-century reinvention of the Rubix Cube,
Image: YouTube | JRCuber

The Giiker Super Cube is here to relieve you from the stress, boredom, and all things pandemic related…it may even teach you something along the way, as well.

The 3D combination puzzle cube reinvents the classic Rubix Cube by making it a Bluetooth-enabled interface for multiple digital games. That mix of old school, tactile problem-solving and current generation virtual challenges make it endlessly entertaining.

The Giiker Super Cube is also notable for being a genuine all-ages toy. Kids will enjoy its bright color palette and interactivity, and grown-ups will enjoy testing their wits in its deceptively simple games.

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Reimaging a Beloved Favorite

This Smart Rubix Cube is embedded with multiple six-axis sensors to precisely track a user’s turns and tile color changes. It feeds that data to a complementary mobile application via Bluetooth to provide the owner with a series of increasingly complex challenges. However, it also gives correction instructions to stop things from getting too frustrating.

The Giiker Smart Cube app, available on Android and iOS, hosts six interactive challenges that are more complicated than they might seem. For example, “Cube Escape” tasks players with ascending a medieval castle by specific color turns. While simple to play, its hand-eye coordination demands make it deeply engrossing within seconds.

Another challenge, “Cube Rush,” requires users to make certain turns within a short time limit. Then, it escalates things by increasing the move count and pattern complexity. Consumers of a certain age will find the toy highly reminiscent of several original Game Boy titles.

But the Giiker Cube has a few advantages over that classic handheld console. One, it offers around 30 hours of usage after only 70 minutes of charging time. Two, it allows owners to compete against other players worldwide through its online “Battle” mode.

Bridging the Age Gap Through Gaming

Many contemporary connected toys are marketed under the banner of having all-ages accessibility. But in reality, games of that type are often too complex to hold a child’s attention or are too monotonous to be compelling to adults. Giiker’s Super Cube avoids those traps with its robust learning system and multifaceted difficulty system.

The toy’s tutorial system can teach novices everything they need to know about using a 3D combination puzzle. The product’s app communicates that information via a series of animation clips that walk the user through basic problem-solving methodologies. The program also subtly lays out the basics of speedcubing when preparing players for its challenges.

Giiker’s Smart Cube has a thoughtful onboarding process which makes it stand out from other smart toys. It does not just provide clear-cut gameplay instructions; it also shows users how to fix their mistakes. The product’s designers made it educational without the superficiality that term can sometimes imply.

The device has enough variety to make it more engaging than a novelty impulse purchase. Its interactive challenges make players call upon different skills, such as memorization and timing. Plus, its 10 difficulty levels make beating its various modes feel genuinely rewarding.

Those characteristics saw the item win positive reviews from parents and YouTube stars like Z3Cubing.

Finally, the Giiker Smart Cube is a fun platform with the potential to bridge generational gaps. These days, young people love to game using electronics like smartphones or laptops. For older individuals raised on traditional physical toys, that preference can feel a bit alienating. But after a few minutes of orientation, grandparents and their grandchildren can bond while solving puzzles that are equally digital and analog.


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