Fledgling’s Hubble for iPad case makes the world’s best tablet even better

Fledgling’s Hubble for iPad case makes the world’s best tablet even better.
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Although 2021 is less than a month old, the electronic industry’s top reviewers have already named the iPad the world’s best tablet computer. Tech Radar lavished praise on the outstanding performance of its processors, and PCMag lauded the versatility and accessibility of its digital ecosystems. However, those publications also singled the line’s biggest flaws: its limited storage capacity, lack of portability, and long-term use issues.

Thankfully, Fledgling’s Hubble for iPad case fixes all of those issues.

It lets owners upgrade their tablet’s storage capacity, connectivity, and usability. Plus, it has some other features that make Apple tablets more functional for business, learning, and recreation. Basically, it has all the benefits of a Maxwell Lord wish without any of the drawbacks.

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The iPad is Great, But Hubble Makes It Better

The main reason the iPad is such a phenomenal tablet is Apple’s integrated design process. The corporation develops its device processors alongside its software, which lets it craft beautiful, seamless hardware with best-in-class computing power. However, its passion for aesthetic and processing unity can sometimes lead to less ideal results for consumers.

For example, Apple’s insistence on shunning headphone jacks, SD cards, and USB compatibility unnecessarily undercut the iPad’s functionality. Because it does not have those practically universal features, iPads push tablet buyers to make many extra purchases. Users have to buy several adapters, subscribe to a cloud storage plan, or replace all their electronics with Apple products to achieve basic connectivity.

The Hubble is great because it is an all-in-one solution for all of the iPad Air and Pro’s shortcomings. In short, it’s the iPad hub you’ve all been looking for this whole time.

It features three ports; one USB-C port enables 30W charging and separate USB-C and USB-A ports for 5Gbps data transfers. The case/hub also comes with SD and microSD slots to make backing up or moving large files a breeze. Best of all, it has a 3.5mm audio jack. That means users can complete their school work, stream movies, or take Zoom calls with their favorite corded headphones.

Because of those features, the device’s Kickstarter campaign exceeded its fundraising goal by 351 percent.

Hubble Unlocks the iPad’s Full Potential

Hubble does not just make iPads more functional; it unlocks their full potential.

The case comes with an HDMI port that has 4K 60Hz screen mirroring support. That means it lets owners stream their favorite content on their TVs while avoiding the scourge of patchy Wi-Fi connections. It enables enhanced teleconferencing via any compatible display and makes giving presentations considerably easier.

Hubble is also a phenomenal travel iPad case. The product, available in stylish white or space gray aluminum alloy, accentuates the tablet’s design while protecting it. It can charge an Apple Pencil while using magnets to keep it firmly place. And it folds into a stand for added portability.

The hub works with the 10.9-inch fourth-generation iPad Air, 11-inch, and 12.9-inch second, third, and fourth-generation iPad Pro. It also has an embedded travel switch that preserves the tablet’s battery between uses.

It has everything users need to work or play anywhere without straining their hands or carrying several clunky standalone accessories. Starting at $99.99, the world’s greatest iPad case, USB hub, HDMI adapter, and SD card reader is an affordable innovation.


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