EKSA E900 Pro Gaming headset is fire for your quarantine ears

EKSA E900 Pro Gaming headset
Image: EKSA

In the world of gaming, there is no end to the variety of headphones on the market. The next Ninja has a choice from high-end, off the charts overpriced headphones to sadly, cheap low-level knockoffs. What’s the trade-off? Well, the knockoffs may look good on your ear, but your teammates will never hear you say “watch your six” because your mic just dropped out.

Don’t worry, though, because the EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset has you covered, and they won’t break your parents’ bank account in the process (or worse yet, have you hiding the credit card bill from the wife, girlfriend, or boyfriend because you spent way too much money on overrated, name brand headphones).

Over-the-Ear Headphones that Bring the Boom Right Out of the Box

These headphones fill the void between the low-level phones not worth your money and overrated headphones that are the next “in” thing for gamers. These mid-level headphones have a great sound and reverb to them that will keep you “in” the game for hours. They come with all the required peripherals to get you up and going right out of the box (included in the box: usb cable, 3.5mm audio cable [standard size], cable splitter, protective carry pouch [a nice, added touch!], and a detachable mic [which is nice, as well, for when you need to transport with you]).

What’s not in the box is a firmware upgrade you should run on the headphones first, before anything else. This allows added functionality for the surround sound. Unfortunately, this option only seems available on PCs. This is not necessarily a distraction, since most true, hardcore gaming is done on PC anyways (yes, fight me in the comments on that one).

Is the firmware upgrade worth it? Absolutely. It provides a nice immersive quality to the sound that keeps you “in” the game and detached from reality around you. These days, as we all go through pandemialand right now, this isn’t a bad thing.

And the nice thing about this: From the deep bass to the electrifying treble, you’ll be using these headphones for more than just gaming. And that’s where the real benefit comes in. They are great to use for streaming and watching your favorite action movies, YouTube clips, and other (ahem) quarantine activities you so choose during this stressful time. So while your game is loading, switch over to a streaming platform and enjoy that rich sound.

More on the Specs and Features

So, we have the peripherals, the nice added touches with a detachable mic, and the firmware upgrade. Let’s get to the real question: How do these phones feel on the noggin? Well, pretty good to be truthful.

The EKSA E900 set features an aluminum band wrapped in leatherette connecting both sides of the over-the-ear set together. This is helpful because it makes them both durable and light at the same time. Our testers (gamers in the teen and early 20s categories) wore these (and continue to wear them) for hours on end without any duress. There was no neck ache, head bob, or infamous ear tilt to one side because the set was too heavy or lopsided.

Now, all those reading this right now may wonder: “Do I really do that with my own headphones right now?” Yes. Yes, you do. You probably just never realized it.

The lightweight form factor of this set along with its sound capability alone makes purchase a no-brainer. But there’s one more feature (among many others that we have not mentioned) that is especially helpful: sound profiles. You can save specific sound profiles for when you use the headset for PC gaming, watching movies, or streaming media. Everybody knows they have their own preferences for gaming and streaming; now you have it all preset so you don’t have to fiddle with controls much.

And did we mention the convenient controls? A mute button on the headset along with volume roller for easy, quick control. The headphones are also accented in red, which gives a nice added touch.

But Do They Look Good?

We just mentioned that red accent. Let’s also mention the red highlight glow that emits from the center of the earpiece while in use. Yes! So if you’re gaming at night you’ll look like the coolest kid on the block of your brocave or galcave (since we really aren’t going anywhere right now…right???). Nice, added touch, EKSA. Well done.

Final Say

Well, what else is there to say, except … we would buy them! That’s our recommendation. You won’t break the bank on these and will end up getting way more than your money’s worth. So, with saving all that money what can you do now? How about buying that skin or add-on for the game you’re playing. See? It’s a win-win situation when you buy the EKSA E900 Pro Gaming Headset.


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