Dr. Muscle is the perfect quarantine era home fitness app

Dr. Muscle is the perfect quarantine era home fitness app.
Image: YouTube | Carl Juneau

Because of the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, cities and states across the U.S. have begun initiating new lockdown mandates. That means Americans will not be able to attack their “quarantine 15” weight gain at the gym anytime soon. Thankfully, an artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced fitness application called Dr. Muscle can help self-isolating citizens workout at home.

What is Dr. Muscle?

Dr. Muscle is the brainchild of Dr. Carl Juneau, a scientist and trainer with a Ph.D. in health statistics. Because of his extensive experience as a trainer and medical professional, Dr. Juneau understands that fitness is vital but hard to sustain.

Even under normal conditions, it can be difficult for working professionals to find the time to work out consistently. In the post-pandemic economy, paying for one-on-one fitness coaching can seem financially unfeasible.

As it happens, Dr. Juneau’s app addresses both of those problems. He created Dr. Muscle to give the world access to an affordable personal trainer every time they unlock their smartphones. The program, which is available on Android and iOS, actually lives up to that notion. The app is an AI-powered fitness platform that designs personalized workouts that evolve to suit each user’s needs.

It also happens to be an ideal fitness solution for the post-pandemic “new normal.” Dr. Muscle has a large catalog of individual exercises to address different goals. If a user wants to lean out, get stronger, or bulk up, it has the resources to guide individuals through the process. The app can also provide routines that can be performed in a gym, workout room, or other living space.

Because of its versatility, Dr. Muscle lets people prioritize their physical fitness even when they are under quarantine.

How Dr. Muscle Perfects the Home Workout Experience

The first thing people should know about Dr. Muscle is that it does not punish people for being out of shape.

After installing the app, it asks users some questions about their age, weight, and activity levels. It uses that information to develop custom 10-minute workouts. An overweight person will not be given the same regimen as an experienced Crossfitter. Instead, they will be tasked with completing a series of exercises that are challenging but not devastating.

It can also design fitness routines built around pushups, crunches, dips, and squats for those without any equipment.

Before a session begins, Dr. Muscle asks users how they feel and incorporates that information into the day’s exercises. The program also solicits feedback in between sets to improve individual workouts. Best of all, the app gives users time to recover from each series of reps.

In addition, it offers video clips to show subscribers exactly how to perform each of its recommended exercises. Users can even chat with Dr. Juneau through the platform to give feedback and receive advice.

Those personalization features make the digital trainer highly engaging. Subscribers will not dread their workouts because they are intended to expand limitations rather than slam against them. Over time, the app encourages users to do more reps and sets, but not in a way that feels coercive.

Dr. Muscle also offers regular notifications and emails to offer insights, share health tips, and supply positive reinforcement. That said, the program’s reminders are not hectoring. Instead, it prompts users to remember how good it feels to stop doomscrolling for a quick workout.

Making the Best of the “New Normal”

On a purely technical level, Dr. Muscle is an achievement. The app’s in-depth biometric knowledge, customization features, and unpressured instruction make it feel like working with a human personal trainer. The fact that it updates regularly without losing any of its stability drives that impression home.

Because of its high quality, the app is an easy recommendation to anyone looking to get in better shape, regardless of their circumstances. Amid a near year-long pandemic that has made many gyms unreachable, that feature is invaluable.

Dr. Muscle also deserves praise on a philosophical level. The app feels like the product of someone who sees fitness as an ongoing process rather than a competition. Everything from its user-friendly layout to its lack of jargon makes it feel inclusive to ordinary people.

The truth is there’s a lot of guilt in being overweight, as 40 percent of Americans well know. Overweight individuals can see themselves through a lens of shame all too easily. The lack of immediate physical gains when working out can make getting healthy feel futile. Over time, failing to live up to societal or personal expectations can become a demoralizing psychological burden.

While Dr. Muscle cannot force users to improve their diets or workout consistently, it can help them shed the weight of sustained disappointment.



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