CES 2021: Samsung debuts connected living space products for the post-pandemic world

CES 2021: Samsung debuts connected living space products for the post-pandemic world
Image: Samsung

January 11—Samsung kicked off the 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) in grand style with its “Better Normal” presentation. Samsung Research President Sebastian Seung unveiled several new smart home products that seem tailor-made for the post-pandemic world.

Seung began his presentation by acknowledging that people are using their homes much differently than they did a year ago. Because of the health crisis, individuals’ living spaces have become de facto workspaces and gyms. The public has also stopped eating in restaurants as much and have started making their own meals or ordering in.

Samsung is addressing this COVID-19 prompted paradigm shift by deploying groundbreaking artificial intelligence (AI) systems and autonomous robotics.

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Samsung’s Latest Smart Refrigerator and Television

Samsung got things started by showing off its Bespoke 4-Door Flex line of smart refrigerators. The new appliances provide consumers with a new level of fridge customizability. The device allows users to customize and update the temperature settings for its four different crispers. For example, an owner could convert their vegetable areas into a meal prep freezer if they decide to change their lifestyle.

Bespoke smart fridges include a pitcher that is automatically refilled with filtered water and a dual ice maker that produces different size cubes. The machine also utilizes an array of sensors to keep fruit and vegetables fresher longer. The pleasingly responsive food storage machine will be available in North America in a host of different colors this spring.

In addition, Samsung is also expanding its smart TV lineup with the 110-inch Micro LED set.

Thanks to the company’s innovative display technology, it will offer highly immersive visuals. The conglomerate’s device will let consumers access 160 TV channels via Samsung TV Plus and give them the ability to view four different programs simultaneously. The big, bright, and bold new home entertainment product will go on sale worldwide this March.

AI-Powered Helper Robots

Seung explained that Samsung developed three machine learning-driven robots to help people in their daily lives.

The Samsung JetBot 90 AI is the technology conglomerate’s version of a next-generation robot vacuum. The device comes equipped with cameras, lidar, and 3D sensors to optimize its functionality. Its advanced detection array can precisely map users’ living spaces for maximum cleaning efficiency. That means it will not accidentally suck up loose USB or liquid spills. And it can be programmed to watch over an owner’s pets and homes while they are away.

CES 2021: Samsung unveils the JetBot 90 AI.
Image: Samsung

The corporation’s answer to the Roomba will launch sometime in the first half of this year.

The company also plans to release two machines that seem like early versions of Rosie the Robot. The Bot Care will use a buyer’s personal data to act as an autonomous, moving digital assistant. The AI-powered robot can check owners’ vital signs, remind them of their appointments, and suggest breaks from endlessly doomscrolling sessions.

Samsung is also developing a more advanced model called the Bot Handy. The device will operate the same way the standard version does, but its robotic limbs will give it added functionality. The appliance’s AI will enable it to recognize different material compositions, sizes, and weights, so it will load the dishwasher, gather the laundry, and put away the groceries. The Bot Handy’s algorithm and hardware will even let it set the table, including the drinks.

The firm is also prepping the Retail Bot, which can serve as an autonomous waiter, checkout clerk, and shop assistant. Unfortunately, the corporation did not offer a release timeline or pricing for its various helper robots.

Better Living Through Services

Samsung intends to help the public get healthier with two new services that harness the power of its connected products.

SmartThings Cooking utilizes the corporation’s Family Hub technology to create personalized recipes and meal plans. The system uses data collected from individuals to create dishes that account for unique dietary restrictions and tastes. It has the functionality to let owners restock their kitchens through grocery delivery services like Amazon Fresh or Instacart.

The platform also connects with other Samsung devices to aid owners with their cooking efforts, regardless of skill level.

Consumers can watch video walkthroughs that detail every step of the cooking process on their Micro LED. The system can also generate recipes based on items that users have on hand using data gleaned from a Bespoke fridge.

The connected system looks like an ideal solution for homebound people that want to break their fast-food delivery habits.

Similarly, Samsung wants to help people become more active to go along with their healthier eating habits.

The firm’s Smart Trainer program, a feature for the Samsung Health application, is an AI-powered personal fitness coach. Supported by its 2021 model TVs, it will recommend video-guided personal exercise routines and track users’ progress through a connected camera system. The system lets owners compare their posture to a real trainer’s form and captures biometric data like calories burned. It also produces regular workout reports to help owners adjust their regimes to achieve their fitness goals.

Samsung did not announce a release timeframe for SmartThings Cooking or Smart Trainer. However, its new products should do well thanks to their cutting-edge designs and interconnected nature. Judging by its “Better Normal” presentation, the corporation has figured out how to bring the conveniences of the software ecosystem to real life.


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