CES 2021: Chipolo One Ocean Edition helps users find their stuff and heal the environment

CES 2021: Chipolo One Ocean Edition helps users find their stuff and heal the environment.

The 2021 Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2021) has featured the debut of several compelling electronic products. However, the Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition stands out from this year’s crop of innovations because it is extremely handy and good for the environment.

The company’s Bluetooth low energy (BLE) tracker is discreet, multifaceted, and long-lasting. It is also the only product of its type, made with recycled fishing gear, on the market.

In addition, Chipolo will make a donation to Oceanic Global, a non-profit dedicated to protecting the world’s oceans, for every special edition item finder it sells.

Why Chipolo Made the ONE Ocean Edition Tracker

Established in 2013, Chipolo began after seven friends decided to create a solution to the endlessly frustrating problem of misplaced stuff. The group invented a low-profile BLE tracker that lets people quickly locate their wallets, keys, laptops, or other possessions with their smartphones. The founders took their idea to Kickstarter seeking $15,000 in funding.

They ended up raising nearly $300,000.

Today, Chipolo has sold over 2 million item finders in more than 200 counties. The firm recently had another idea about addressing a widespread but much more serious problem: the staggering amount of plastic waste in the world’s oceans. In 2020, Pew Research estimated 11 million metric tons of plastic waste is thrown into Earth’s aquatic ecosystems every year.

The organization predicts that the annual amount of pollution will rise to a staggering 29 million metric tons by 2040.

Chipolo decided to tackle the pressing environmental issue in three ways. First, the company donated $10,000 to Oceanic Global to aid in its cleanup efforts. Second, it created a special version of its new BLE tracker using reclaimed fishing nets and ropes. And third, it pledged to donate $1 from every Ocean Edition ONE sold to Oceanic Global.

Why the Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition is a Great Item Finder

Since every human being on Earth has an incentive to protect the environment, supporting Chipolo’s initiative has an obvious upside. But the firm’s latest offering has a lot of appealing qualities aside from its ecological benefits.

First off, the device is highly effective at helping users locate their most important and easily misplaced items. It is small enough to fit on a key chain but powerful enough to emit a 120dB ring when activated. The tracker logs item locations via an Android or iOS app, which makes frantic home lost and found searches unnecessary.

The Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition also doubles as a fantastic digital reminder. The BLE gadget can beam notifications to owners’ handsets from up to 200 feet away, meaning it stops users from leaving home without their pursues, keys, or child’s most beloved stuffed animal.

The tracker also has all the premium features and technical specifications an electronic device should have in 2021. It has an IPX5 water resistance rating, a two-year battery life, and is compatible with Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant. Also, it is shareable, so friends and family can access its locative features.

Finally, each Chipolo ONE Ocean Edition comes shipped in 100 percent recycled cardboard packaging. Basically, it is the personal appliance version of a double bacon cheeseburger that somehow burns calories.


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