CES 2021: BreathBalanz aims to help the world breathe, relax and sleep

CES 2021: BreathBalanz aims to help the world breathe, sleep, and relax.
Image: YouTube | BreathBalanz

CES 2021 has hosted the debut of many compelling new products, including a Keurig for ice cream and an environmentally beneficial Bluetooth tracker. The event also saw the introduction of BreathBalanz, a noteworthy new system that helps users breathe, relax, and sleep easier.

In addition, the product might be able to help coronavirus pandemic survivors with returning to normal breathing patterns.

How BreathBalanz Works and Company Origins

BreathBalanz is a solution that uses a mobile application and a belt-mounted sensor to help people improve health and wellness. The tool guides users through an 80-day program that retrains their respiratory muscles to function naturally. Over time, the system can assist individuals in gaining more energy, feeling less anxious, and sleeping more consistently.

The product utilizes a wearable Bluetooth 5.0 low energy module to monitor the wearer’s respiration. The app, available on Android and iOS, collates and displays a person’s biometric data so that they can see the program’s impact over time.

The Dutch startup behind the device, Breath in Balanz, came into existence after co-founder Sonja Nijhuis discovered the benefits of breathing therapy. She struggled with severe panic attacks until she started using respiratory exercises to regain her equilibrium. In the 2010s, Nijhuis, her co-founder Nellie Bontekoe, and CEO Leo Elenbaas brought their company’s solution to the masses via the Google and Apple App stores.

The firm used capital provided by the Rabobank Innovation Fund and SNN to develop and launch BreathBalanz.

The startup designed its system to aid dysfunctional breathing sufferers and cultivate improved wellness in general. But in the “new normal,” the product can serve another purpose for those recovering from coronavirus infection.

The Road to Recovery

According to the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, over 92.5 million cases of COVID-19 have been reported since late 2019. Thankfully, vaccines for the virus are currently being deployed worldwide, and medical experts have developed post-treatment recovery protocols. However, the British Medical Journal (BMJ) published an article stating full recuperation from an acute SARS-CoV-2 infection can last several weeks, and breathlessness and fatigue are common symptoms.

While there are no shortcuts to medical rehabilitation, BreathBalanz might be able to give some coronavirus sufferers a bit of relief on the road to recovery.

The system could have applications in the area because its program is not physically taxing. The platform asks users to perform a series of respiration exercises twice a day for 80 days. Its focus is on letting people gain greater understanding and control of their breathing over time. Plus, BREE, its interactive personal coaching algorithm, offers consistent guidance and analytics-based insights.

BreathBalanz might even prove useful to sufferers after their coronavirus recovery is complete. In particular, the system could assist survivors in coping with the heightened stress and anxiety that can accompany the disease. After all, the startup created it to serve as an aid for users living with those exact problems.

To be clear, no medical institution has sanctioned BreathBalanz for use as a COVID-19 treatment. But the product’s potential to help people improve their overall physical and mental wellness is worth investigating, regardless of their medical status.


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