Casio is releasing an updated smartwatch version of its G-Shock series

Casio is releasing a Wear OS G-Shock smartwatch.
Image: Casio

For those in need of a tough watch, Casio’s G-Shock series has been the best option around for decades. Dating back to the 1980s, the lineup is hearty enough to stand up to even the most extreme environments. While the G-Shock series has been getting smarter in recent years, Casio isn’t exactly known as a high-tech company.

That could be starting to change. Casio recently announced that it will launch its first Wear OS smartwatch as part of the G-Shock lineup later this year. The GSW-H1000 (yes, the name could use some work) brings all the durability of a G-Shock along with all the features of a traditional smartwatch.

Built Tough

Just like Android has given non-iOS phones a sense of consistency, Wear OS has done the same for smartwatches. The Google-created software has had its ups and downs but generally offers attractive features for smartwatches at every price range. It also has a relatively smooth interface and gives users plenty of customization options.

Casio is billing its latest watch as a wearable focused on fitness and outdoor sports, which comes as no surprise given the G-Shock lineup’s durable construction.

As such, the GSW-H1000 comes packed with all the features you’d expect from a modern fitness wearable. One of the most exciting features is an optical heart rate sensor. The watch also boasts a built-in compass, an altitude sensor, an accelerometer, and a gyrometer. Although it probably goes without saying, the watch supports GPS tracking.

Interestingly, the GSW-H1000 features a 1.2-inch dual-layer display. This is fairly unique and seems appropriate for the G-Shock series. It combines a color LCD panel that powers its smartwatch features with a monochrome always-on LCD display. When using the latter, the watch’s battery life lasts about a month. Using the color LCD panel drains it far quicker, resulting in about 1.5 days of battery life.

As part of the G-Shock lineup, Casio’s latest watch is built to stand up to just about anything. It features shock resistance, 200-meter water resistance, and a durable case that protects the display from cracks and scratches.

Smart Performance

On the software side, the GSW-H1000 features Casio’s unique built-in software. This includes support for 15 different activities and 24 indoor workouts.

In a press release, it says, “This powerful hardware profile enables the watch to capture data on distance, speed, and pace which is so useful for people doing physical training.”

Since the watch runs on Wear OS, it comes with support for both Google Assistant and Google Fit. It also connects to Casio’s G-Shock Move companion app.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how this watch competes as larger smartwatch manufacturers start to roll out more durable wearables. Rumors of a more rugged Apple Watch are starting to swirl, which could spell trouble for Casio.

Nonetheless, beating most other manufacturers to market gives Casio a chance to gain a foothold in the smartwatch space.

The company hasn’t offered a release date for the GSW-H1000 just yet. However, it did note that the watch will retail for £599 (about $830).


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