Bose’s Sleepbuds II are vastly improved and perfect for sleep

Bose's Sleepbuds II are better than ever and provide a great night's sleep.
Image: Bose

It’s been over three years since Bose introduced a unique new product called Sleepbuds. The dime-sized earbuds sold out on Indiegogo within six days, a testament to the fact that people around the world are looking for ways to get a good night’s sleep.

For a while, Sleepbuds did a terrific job of helping wearers fall asleep thanks to their comfortable fit and noise-masking sounds. Sadly, the first-generation earbuds had a defect with their tiny battery that made them unusable. This led to a product-wide recall and sent Bose back to the drawing board.

Now, the second-generation Sleepbuds II are here and they are better than ever. Almost every aspect of the already-great earbuds has been improved and the battery issue appears to be fixed. Meanwhile, there is an abundance of new sleep sounds to enjoy and the redesigned ear tips make the buds even more comfortable.

Earbuds Designed for Sleep

Plenty of people wear headphones to bed. Whether it’s for blocking out noisy neighbors or listening to a calming soundtrack, it has been proven that nature sounds and relaxing music can lead to better sleep.

The Sleepbuds II excel at what they are designed for—which is sleep and sleep alone. While the tiny earbuds connect to a smartphone phone via Bluetooth, users can’t stream music from apps like Spotify.

Instead, Bose has carefully curated a library of more than 35 tracks. They include nature sounds like thunderstorms, babbling brooks, and windy harbors. There are also noise-masking sounds like a fan or distant chattering and an array of tranquil soundscapes.

The buds feature silicone ear tips that create a comfortable and secure seal. This keeps them snugly in your ears all night and also works to block out sounds like a snoring partner or traffic on the street below. Of course, since the buds are so good at blocking out sounds, they feature built-in alarms for the morning so you can get up without disturbing a partner or worrying about not hearing your alarm clock.

As a trade-off for not being designed to stream audio, Sleepbuds II are incredibly small. They are far more compact than any other wireless earbud on the market. This means wearers can comfortably sleep on their side without the buds digging into their ear.

Second-Gen Improvements

As mentioned, every facet of the Sleepbuds II is an improvement over the original model. They come with a slightly-tweaked charging case that offers an additional 30 hours of battery life. That’s on top of the 10 hours the buds themselves provide. It now features USB-C charging and a more secure connection that puts the Sleepbuds in an ideal position for charging.

Meanwhile, the updated ear tips are designed to mask low-frequency noises, which Bose states are “the biggest threats to a peaceful bedroom.” This includes things like snoring, idle engines, and footsteps.

Although new wearers won’t notice, the second-gen Sleepbuds have a different finish that prevents the “pillow rubbing” sound that would occur with the original buds. That’s a welcome change which leads to a more peaceful night for side-sleepers.

The Sleepbuds II definitely have a target market—anyone that has trouble falling asleep or getting a restful night. For anyone who falls in that category, the buds are a tremendous help. Although their price tag might seem high for a device that’s only used at night, the Sleepbuds II are worth every penny.


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