Best e-book readers you can get in 2020

These are the best e-readers of 2020.

Although nothing can quite replicate the feel (and smell) of a physical book in your hands, today’s e-readers make accessing almost any title easier. It’s also way more convenient to carry around one slim device instead of the hundreds of books it can hold.

With that in mind, those who read more than a few books per year should probably consider investing in a good e-reader. But which one is right for you? Although there are plenty of worthy choices, the three e-readers below are some of the best out there.

Kindle Paperwhite, the Best of the Best

Those hunting for the Goldilocks e-reader should look no further than the Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon has dominated the e-reader market with its Kindle devices for a good reason. They are sleek, simple, and perfectly integrated with its massive digital library.

The new Kindle Paperwhite (2020 edition) is jam-packed with every feature you can think of. It is thin and ultra-light with a soft, grippy back that makes it easy to hold with one hand. Instead of physical buttons, it is touch-enabled for easy page turning and navigation. Due to that, it’s also completely waterproof.

Paperwhite boasts a scratch- and shatter-resistant screen that makes it portable whether you read by the pool or shove it in your briefcase. It also has Bluetooth capabilities built-in so you can listen to your Audible audiobooks on the go. Best yet, the Kindle Paperwhite retails for just $130 and is regularly discounted to $90 or less.

For the value, there’s no better e-reader out there. This well-rounded device is perfect for e-reader newbies and experts alike.

Kindle Oasis, for the Power Reader

While the Kindle Paperwhite has just about every feature you’d need, the Kindle Oasis goes above and beyond. For those who are never caught without a book in their hand, it is the ideal e-reader.

This model features a color-adjustable integrated light that can transition between cool to warm depending on the environment you’re reading in. Eye strain will never be a problem whether you’re reading at night in the dark or in the glaring sunshine.

It also has a larger screen than the Paperwhite, measuring in at eight inches. Unfortunately, it does come with a higher price tag. The Kindle Oasis costs $250. While that’s a lot more than the Paperwhite, power readers will appreciate the larger screen and eye-saving features.

Kobo Libra H2O, for the Non-Traditionalist

Although Amazon owns the e-reader market, there are other devices out there for those not tied to the Big Tech giant’s digital infrastructure. Rakuten’s Kobo e-readers are ideal for bookworms who aren’t afraid to buck the norm.

The Kobo Libra H2O does just that. It supports 14 different file formats (including EPUB, PDF, TXT, and HTML) so that you can just about any e-book out there. For those who get their books from somewhere other than the Amazon marketplace, the Kobo Libra is a great choice.

Its 7-inch HD e-ink display has a built-in light and also doesn’t show ads like Amazon’s Kindles do. The Kobo Libra H2O retails for $170, putting it in the middle of the road for e-readers.

Open Book, for the Tech Enthusiast

The last e-reader on this list isn’t for everyone. In fact, it won’t be for most people. However, tech enthusiasts will dig the open-source, do-it-yourself nature of the Open Book e-reader from The Open Book Project.

Unlike the devices above, this one will need to be assembled. However, it’s pretty simple for anyone that has a soldering iron and a little know-how. Users can then recode, redesign, or accessorize their e-reader however they like.

Since it’s open-source, the Open Book can read e-books in every format. As of now, the Open Book isn’t yet completed on the firmware end. However, tech-savvy users are free to code their own if they don’t want to wait for its release. As of now, it isn’t clear how much the design kit will cost, but it will surely be cheaper than a fully built e-reader.


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