EdgeBoard will power the future of AI

Baidu Edgeboard will revolutionize AI
Image: Baidu

There are plenty of ways to run artificial intelligence systems. From powerful supercomputers to small systems in research labs, AI is changing the shape of the world every day. Now, a new Xilinx-based board has arrived that is designed to enable edge computing on a wide array of devices.

With data processing power, scalability, and programmable logic, Baidu’s EdgeBoard has it all. It serves as an extension of sorts for the Baidu Brain AI. The open platform allows developers to harness artificial intelligence for their projects. In a sense, the EdgeBoard is like a Raspberry Pi specifically for AI.

Accelerated Deployment

Unfortunately, part of the AI deployment process is troubleshooting the system’s compatibility with the hardware in use. In many cases, this can cause costly delays or even stall a project completely. The team behind EdgeBoard wants to eliminate that problem.

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According to Youping Yu, GM of Baidu’s AI ecosystem division, “The flexible EdgeBoard we built based on Xilinx is designed to enable developers and engineers to quickly leverage Baidu-proven technology or deploy self-defined models, enabling faster deployment.”

To accomplish this, EdgeBoard comes with all the necessary features to make it happen. For one, it boasts an acceleration tool accompanied by preset models. Meanwhile, a complete development and deployment toolchain allows teams to launch their AI applications faster. To help them begin, Baidu offers detailed documentation for the process.

As if that weren’t enough, EdgeBoard contains a set of required features for producing new models and custom deep learning frameworks. This includes everything from network structure diagrams to reasoning functions. Since it is based on the Xilinx Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC, EdgeBoard also benefits from real-time processing power and unrivaled system performance.

Together, these features give developers an ultra-powerful tool. They will be extremely useful for helping AI applications through the development stage and onto the market faster than ever.

Applications Galore

With new developers breaking into the sector every day, AI has more applications than ever before. From developing pharmaceuticals for humans to creating invisibility cloaks, no other tool has been more impactful in the world of tech. Notably, all this has been accomplished with AI still in its infancy.

Dedicated hardware like EdgeBoard will open the door for even more applications. Specifically, Baidu believes it will allow the development of edge-based products like next-gen robots, smart surveillance systems, and driver-assistance programs.

However, it is likely that EdgeBoard will also give rise to far more creative applications. Just like Raspberry Pi, the new board offers developers a flexible, powerful tool that unlocks a world of near-infinite possibilities.

As EdgeBoard gains popularity, the tech world anxiously awaits the applications that will be born from it. With AI as the tool of the future, such systems will be a vital part of the world’s digital architecture in the years to come.