Apple AirPods Pro will come with active noise cancellation, all for $249


For all those who just bought a brand new pair of AirPods well, we have some bad news for you: Apple just announced the brand new AirPods Pro.

What makes them Pro, you ask? Along with a couple of new features like customizable silicone tips that make them look like the Peashooter from “Plants vs. Zombies” (as everyone on Twitter pointed out), the new AirPods are Apple’s attempt at bringing true noise canceling to earbuds. 

AirPods Go Pro

In an odd move given the product’s popularity, Apple announced the AirPods Pro in a press release rather than a splashy announcement event. Either way, Apple has placed the new AirPods up for preorder, they still only come in white, and will launch on Oct. 30 at the very Apple price point of $249. 

For this next generation of AirPods, the big selling point is the device’s noise-canceling feature. The earbuds come equipped with an outward facing microphone that detects external sound. The AirPods then counter those external sounds with anti-noise. Moreover, the new AirPods feature an inward-facing microphone that listen to sounds within the ear which the anti-noise also cancels out. Apple claims the new noise cancellation feature adjusts 200 times per second to deliver true noise canceling audio. But if you’re forced to interact with the outside world, the Pros also come with Transparency mode. Users can hit a button and external noise will flow through the earbuds. 

While regular AirPods boast the sound quality of run-of-the-mill Apple earbuds (read: terrible), Apple says the new AirPod Pros have the best sound yet. This comes courtesy of a new Adaptive EQ feature. While you might have to hear it to believe it, Apple says the Adaptive EQ “automatically tunes music to the shape of your ear for a rich, consistent listening experience.” 

The battery life for the Pros is different as well, too. The company says the Pros can get up to 4.5 hours of of listening time on one charge while charging with the case gives users over 24 hours of listening time. A Lightning to USB-C cable comes in the box. For a more comfy fit, the AirPods Pro comes with three different sizes of silicone tips in the box. The Pros are also sweat and water resistant. 

At Long Last, Noise Canceling Buds

The AirPods Pro come at a time when in-ear noise-canceling technology and high-end earbuds are all the rage. Earlier this year, Sony rolled out the WF-1000XM3, one of the first earbuds to feature active noise canceling (they’re $228). 

The other big player in the fancy noise-canceling headphones realm is, of course, Bose. The company hasn’t rolled out an earbud product with active-noise canceling quite yet (and the company might still be licking its wounds from the ill-fated Sleepbuds). However, Bose did announce its Bose Noise Canceling Earbuds 700 which are expected to roll out in 2020. With the inclusion of the AirPods Pro into the market, it’s an exciting time for those looking for a true noise-canceling, wireless listening experience.