According to Quartz, 80 percent of the world’s online population accesses the internet via a mobile device. Furthermore, AdWeek found that the average smartphone user spent five hours a day scrolling the web in 2018, an 88 percent increase from 2017. Accordingly, it’s not a surprise that global mobile e-commerce spending is expected to reach $2.3 trillion this year.

App Samurai is a startup that can help businesses connect with consumers in the ultra-lucrative mobile market. The firm’s diverse, innovative products provide companies with the tools they need to create effective campaigns, put them in front of the right consumers, and collect valuable business intelligence.

Optimized Mobile Advertising

Though App Samurai’s core product is a self-service mobile marketing platform, it doesn’t require users to have degrees in e-marketing. The firm’s software allows founders to communicate their brands’ unique stories in advertising formats designed to maximize engagement. The company specializes in ensuring its clients give consumers elevated user experiences to drive conversions and sales.


Furthermore, App Samurai uses cutting-edge, in-house digital tools to ensure high-level performance. Its integrated platform allows clients to connect with publishers that can reach qualified mobile users with resonating messages at optimal moments.

High-Grade Analytics and Fraud Protection

Venture Beat reports companies lose between $7.2 billion to $16.4 billion to mobile advertising fraud annually. That kind of theft is widespread because it’s so easy to facilitate. Unscrupulous marketers and ad networks scam unsuspecting decision-makers into paying for seemingly legitimate services. Then, the fraudsters provide their clients with seemingly positive analytics showing high rates of views, clicks, and application installs.

Unfortunately, those unqualified metrics don’t reflect how consumers are actually interacting with the brand in the mobile ecosystem. As a result, deceived executives are left with trivial data, minimal growth, and wasted advertising budgets.

Thankfully, App Samurai’s Interceptd service provides the company’s clients with legitimate analytics and a host of fraud protection resources. The program gives users peace of mind by filtering out spam clicks and virtual devices. That way, clients’ app-tracking tools can supply valuable analytics on clean datasets.

Furthermore, the firm’s customers receive reports on meaningful metrics like organic traffic, in-app events, and purchases. With that complete, transparent, and independent information, brands can optimize their outreach efforts. Consequently, Interceptd users’ ad budgets go toward optimizing impression costs, increasing average daily user revenue, and maximizing lifetime value.

Proven Results

Founded in 2016, the San Francisco-based startup has secured $2.2 million in seed funding less than two years after launching operations. Indeed, investors bet on the company’s success because of its proven track record instead of empty hype.

For instance, in February, a mobile virtual private network (VPN) provider approached the firm about improving its brand visibility. Initially, the VPN app was the 161st most popular app in its category and the developer wanted to hit the App Store Top 20. App Samurai addressed its client’s needs by creating a boost campaign with a robust App Store Optimization plan.

The firm crafted a strategy that involved keyword improvement and localization, A/B testing, and reward install traffic generation. The company’s 25-day campaign brought the VPN company’s program onto the App Store Top 20, helped it win 52,000 new installs, and increased its conversion rate by 32 percent.

Developers and decision-makers interested in achieving similar outcomes should attend RISE 2019. App Samurai will be a featured startup at the event, and attendees can learn more about its innovative services in person.

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