Amazon’s second-gen Echo Buds bring upgraded ANC, sleek design

Amazon's new Echo Buds bring ANC and a sleek design.
Image: Amazon

Amazon’s Echo Buds might not be the most popular wireless earbuds on the market. However, they offer respectable performance for a reasonable price. They also have several high-end features that make them stand out from other options at their price point.

Now, Amazon is introducing its second-gen Echo Buds. The refined version seeks to improve on the weaknesses of the original without compromising in the value department. They also feature a sleeker design and are 20 percent smaller than the first Echo Buds.

Altogether, this makes them an attractive offering for those that want a high-quality pair of wireless earbuds on a budget.

Getting Better

For its second attempt at making wireless earbuds, Amazon has done an excellent job. It appears that the company learned valuable lessons from the release of the first Echo Buds and has made changes to address almost all of them.

The updated model features a design that puts comfort first. Like the AirPods Pro, Amazon’s second-gen Echo Buds have a vented design to reduce pressure in your ear. The buds also feature a smaller tip so they don’t sit as deep in your ear canal. This makes wearing them for long periods of time more comfortable.

To balance that out, the buds also have a condensed external depth, which makes them sit more flush against your ear.

As noted, the overall size of the buds is 20 percent smaller than the previous generation. Since the Echo Buds have a round design rather than the lollipop style of the AirPods Pro, that is a big difference. It makes them feel sleeker and prevents you from looking like Frankenstein.

In terms of design, the Echo Buds also come in two colors—both white in black. Previously, the buds were only available in black. It’s a subtle change, but a significant one for those that like to keep their accessories matching.

Tune Out

Perhaps the biggest upgrade for Amazon’s second-gen buds is the arrival of custom active noise cancellation (ANC). Rather than borrowing tech from Bose, Amazon has created its own ANC algorithms to better suit its hardware. It claims that the buds now cancel “twice as much noise” compared to the first-gen model.

They also come with passthrough mode, allowing you to hear your environment when you need to be aware. That’s a nice feature to have and one that mid-range wireless buds often leave out.

Meanwhile, the second-gen Echo Buds come with an IPX4 rating for water and sweat resistance. They boast five hours of battery life with an additional ten hours from the included charging case.

That being said, the biggest draw of the new Echo Buds is their price. The base model, which comes with a USB-C charging case, costs $120. Those who prefer a wireless charging case can get the upgraded model for $140. Either option is a great deal compared to other wireless earbuds that cost significantly more.


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