Alfred, the new smart lock that gives you easy access to your home

Minutes can feel like hours when you’re locked out of a house. We’ve all been there…frantically digging through pockets, a purse, or backpack. The nagging question of “Where is the key?” eventually presents an even bigger, more pressing dilemma: “How am I getting in the house?”

The likely resolution? A harrowing climb to that second-floor window that may or may not be unlocked. Or a really expensive (and embarrassing) call to the local locksmith. More than likely, it’s one after the other (because, you know, the significant other came by to lock that window since they know you always forget).

Fortunately, an innovative new smart lock named Alfred is designed to prevent pesky lock out problems like these from ever happening again.


What is Alfred?

Produced via support from a successful Indiegogo campaign and recently unveiled at CES 2019, Alfred is a keyless smart deadbolt lock that fits most standard doors.

Getting in the house couldn’t be easier thanks to Alfred’s sleek design, which features a smooth touchscreen keypad. Gone are the clunky buttons of yesteryear and the even clunkier Bluetooth deadbolt turners of today.

In their place? A sexy interface that is both stylish as well as functional. Bluetooth connectivity allows simple one-touch access. Just touch the unit once to unlock the door if your connected smartphone is nearby, which eliminates the need to punch in an access code. Once activated, Alfred’s motorized deadbolt conveniently slides open or closed.

Plus, an easily visible red LED indicator light means the door is locked and a green LED indicator means the door is unlocked.

Say Hello to your new, Hi-tech Concierge

Is your mom coming over to babysit? Do you have an ongoing reno job which requires contractor access while you’re away? Alfred is ready and able to serve as a personal, digital concierge. Simply set one of 20 customizable, unique pin codes for each potential visitor.

Knowing you can monitor who comes and goes anytime, anywhere via the Alfred smartphone app brings great peace of mind. You can track what time a worker arrives and leaves, for instance. Or, use the app to remotely lock or unlock your door from anywhere.

Furthermore, if you’re going away for an extended time or want to deny access to all visitors for any reason, setting Alfred in “Away Mode” blocks access to all codes except the master code. If the door opens when Alfred is in this mode, an alarm is triggered to alert you to potential, unwanted access.

Battery Failure? Alfred’s got you Covered…in Style

Alfred conveniently runs on batteries. But don’t worry, a battery failure doesn’t mean you’re locked out. Alfred can be powered up via a micro USB plug on the bottom of the unit. For those who also prefer a keyed entry option, Alfred’s DB2-B model features an easy key entry point with a protective swivel cover.

Alfred also proves tech doesn’t have to look plain. The entry DB1 model comes in a sleek black finish. The DB-2 and DB2-B models also come in nice-looking gold or chrome finishes to suit your style and décor.

Alfred Can Buddy Up with Alexa or Google Home

Home automation and AI-enabled smart home devices are the wave of the future. That’s why all Alfred models are available with optional Z-wave ready technology. Just connect Alfred to your Z-wave module and you can use Google Home or Alexa to open your doors.

We can’t guarantee Alfred will sing as well as Alexa, but we’re pretty confident he’ll help keep your home secure 24/7. He’s also multilingual. Voice prompts are impressively available in English, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. How cool is that?

According to the Toronto, Ontario-based company’s Indiegogo campaign, Alfred locks are expected to become available in January 2019. Stay tuned to the product campaign or website for updates.

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