AfterShokz’s OpenComm bone conduction headset is perfect for Zoom meetings

AfterShokz's new OpenComm bone conduction headset is perfect for Zoom meetings.
Image: AfterShokz

Bone conduction is one of the coolest technologies around today that doesn’t get enough attention. Essentially, it allows a pair of headphones to beam audio directly to your inner ear by sending vibrations through the bones of your skull. As a result, your ears remain open, allowing you to stay aware of your surroundings.

Until now, most bone conduction headphones have been designed for listening only. AfterShokz, one of the leaders in the bone conduction space, is changing that with its new OpenComm headset. The Bluetooth bone conduction headset is perfect for everyday Zoom conferences as well as making phone calls while out and about.

Bone Conduction Communication

The biggest perk of bone conduction headphones is that they let you stay aware of your surroundings. When you’re working from a home office, there are many reasons that this could be necessary. For one, you may need to keep an ear out for the kids or your dog. You might also want to hear the doorbell when a delivery person comes.

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AfterShokz’s OpenComm headset is an ideal solution. The company is well-known for its lineup of bone conduction headphones and consistently impresses consumers with their quality and performance. The OpenComm headset is no different.

It features a noise-canceling boom microphone on the left side. The microphone picks up your voice with stunning clarity regardless of how loud your environment is. Your virtual co-workers will thank you since they won’t have to listen to static from your computer’s built-in microphone.

The OpenComm headset is built with AfterShokz’s seventh-generation bone conduction technology and features an open-ear design. Although the sound quality can’t compete with a traditional headset, the trade-off is worth it if you want to stay aware of your surroundings. That doesn’t mean the audio is bad, however. The OpenComm headset delivers clear audio that is perfect for meetings and phone calls.

High-Performance Features

Meanwhile, this headset offers up to 16 hours of talk time, meaning you won’t have to stop and recharge during your workday. The OpenComm’s battery life certainly stands out from other mid-range Bluetooth headsets on the market.

When it is time to recharge, the headset features a proprietary charging port. The charger connects magnetically rather than forcing you to pull aside a silicone flap and wriggle in a micro-USB plug. Although it may be annoying to rely on a unique charging cable, the design works well for this headset.

The right side of the OpenComm features multi-function controls that allow you to keep your phone in your pocket. You can control volume, skip songs, activate your digital assistant of choice, and answer phone calls with the integrated buttons.

Finally, since the OpenComm headset is IP55 water-resistant, you won’t have to worry about taking it for a walk in light rain or getting it sweaty. While the headset isn’t designed for working out, there’s no shame in doing a bit of multi-tasking. Just don’t let your boss hear you counting reps during your business meeting.

For those looking for a unique headset that lets them stay aware of their surroundings, the AfterShokz OpenComm is a great choice.


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