3 best health tech gifts of 2019

The Hero Pill Dispenser is one of the best health tech gifts of 2019.
Image: Hero

It’s once again the time of year to start gift shopping for the loved ones in your life. Sure, you could go for the same thing you get them every year. Even worse, you could settle for a gift card. Or, you could invest in a gift that will make them healthier and happier as we prepare to enter 2020.

These three tech gifts are great for anyone that needs a little help establishing a healthy lifestyle. Whether they need a nudge to remember to take their medicine, extra motivation to start working out, or a better way to get their nutrients, these gifts can do it all. They are also great ways to treat yourself going into the holiday season.

These are the best health-related tech gifts of 2019.

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Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser

The Hero Pill Dispenser is one of the best health tech gifts of 2019.
Image: Hero

Sometimes it can be hard to remember to take your pills. Even if they are extremely important for your health, forgetting to take them is all-too-easy. However, with the Hero Automatic Pill Dispenser, that will never be an issue again.

In essence, Hero is like a smart vending machine for your medications. It can hold a month’s supply of 10 different medications of any size and shape. When it’s time to take your pills, Hero will chime and send an alert to your smartphone. Then, you press the button on the device and it will automatically sort and dispense your medications into a cup. All you have to do is swallow them.

The entire process is extremely easy to set up. Hero connects to Wi-Fi and links to your smartphone to keep you in the know. From the Hero app, you can control which medications you take, how many are dispensed, and when they should be released.

Hero is an ideal set-up for anyone that struggles to remember their medications. It’s also great for aging parents who have trouble with the weekly flip-up pill containers. Hero even offers a prescription filling service to make life easier than ever.

Mirror Fitness

Mirror is launching remote personal training sessions for $40 a piece.
Image: Mirror

Working out on your own is no fun. Having a workout partner or personal trainer certainly makes a grueling gym session better. However, going to the local fitness center isn’t always realistic. That’s where Mirror comes in.

The innovative product is a 40-inch-tall 1080p display that allows users to work out with a personal trainer in real-time. The Peloton-like service also offers pre-recorded workouts for users to follow along with.

When not in use, Mirror doubles as, well, a mirror. Having the hardware in your home makes working out easier and far more convenient. For Instagram lovers, there is no trendier way to snap a few photos from a workout.

NutriBullet Balance

Image: NutriBullet

Good health and nutritional smoothies basically go hand in hand. However, it can be difficult to make a smoothie and know how many calories are in it. For those on a diet, this can make tracking your intake inaccurate from the beginning of the day.

However, the new NutriBullet Balance solves that issue permanently. With a built-in scale and a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone, Balance lets you know exactly what’s in your smoothie. You can even use your phone to control the blender.

As you add ingredients, it sends nutritional data to the connected app in real-time. The NutriBullet app also includes hundreds of smoothie recipes to get your diet on track.

Balance isn’t the easiest blender to use due to its extreme connectivity. However, for those proficient with their smartphone, it shouldn’t be an issue. In fact, that connectivity makes it an extremely useful piece of health tech. If you’re shopping for a loved one that can’t get enough smoothies, there is no better gift.