Vibe God drops ‘Internet Candy’ after finding success with the help of social media

Vibe God shares how social media can help aspiring music artists.
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“Continue to have hope and always remember to chase your dreams, no matter how far it may seem. And until I meet all my fans, may you all continue to share, breathe, and live through my music. Peace and love,” Vibe God told The Burn-In just after the November 20 release of his mini-album “Internet Candy.”

One DM Away

Image: “Internet Candy” Album Cover Art | Gustavo A

Now based in Los Angeles, the hip-hop artist originally from Houston, Texas, took his life from dark to light through his passion for music. After recording a song called “Stampede,” Vibe God trolled Instagram until he stumbled upon Swedish producers QUFO. He DM’d the producers, not even knowing about their past successes with artists such as No Doubt, Kylie Minogue, and Leona Lewis, among others. That DM was the beginning of a collaboration that would change his life.

The Burn-In: How did you come up with the name Vibe God?

Vibe God: I didn’t, the name found me. I always aim to spread energy and good vibes and have always displayed love with anybody I came across. On one of my Instagram posts, someone commented, “VIBE GOD.” The next day my name on all platforms had changed. I still don’t know who did that.

TBI: Can you tell me a little bit about your journey up until “Stampede?”

Vibe God: Well, I was going from place to place, from being there for my friends to staying with my mom mostly, just trying to figure everything out. I was working at this job, and it was cool for a while, but I just felt like there was something more for me. Patience and dedication kept me grounded during my journey. That’s how the “Stampede” idea came about, knocking over anything in my path.

TBI: What was it that made you want to reach out to QUFO?

Vibe God: One night, I was thinking about my career and felt like I was the best at what I was doing, but there was something missing, and I didn’t know what it was. I was scrolling Instagram and ran up on some visuals by “QUFO” of one of my favorite fighting scenes from “Ip Man,” but it was packed full of effects and cool [stuff]. I know I watched it like 100 times, no exaggeration. We connected, and the rest was history.

TBI: What went through your head when you found out who they were, and they offered to help you out here in Los Angeles?

Vibe God: I expected something because he was sending me beats back so quickly and somehow picking up on my recording situation via phone. But it was like a breath of fresh air finding out that we shared similar work ethics and mindsets. Finding out that they were plugged in L.A. was just the reward for working hard. It’s exciting, its motivation, and I know I have to deliver on every opportunity.

TBI: You’ve recorded 40 songs with them in only a year. How did that happen?

Vibe God: By staying focused. I was always a speedy songwriter, and just having beats at my fingertips made it easier for me to zone out and knock out tracks. I went to Sweden for a month, and we [QUFO] spent a lot of time over here. Every time we got into the studio, we left with new music.

TBI: You’ve recorded all over–in Houston, Hollywood, and Sweden. Tell me what that was like and how that added to your creativity?

Vibe God: It was dope. I mean recording in L.A. was dope. Being in a nice environment with good vibes and energy definitely gave me power to create great songs. Sweden was amazing, recording with QUFO. It was literally magical.

TBI: Why did you choose to do a mini-album?

Vibe God: With so many songs, it was important to me that we assembled everything strategically. These songs happen to show my current thoughts, like my current steps to where I am now. And an album typically being around 12-16 songs, QUFO and I using only eight, we considered it a mini-album. This also means we can easily throw out at least three more mini-albums anytime we feel for it. This way, it’s also manageable, as we want to keep working these eight, with new visual content and stuff over a long time now.

TBI: How did you choose the songs that you did for it?

Vibe God: These songs just stuck out in their own way, some being older than others and some freshly new, and they all came together as one to make a whole. We all just picked our current favorites.

TBI: Why did you go with “Internet Candy” as the name for the album?

Vibe God: Because we wanted to brand what we created. We simply wanted to create all kinds of candy, candy that doesn’t get stuck in your teeth but in your head. The internet is a scary place, and we want to throw in the good vibes.

TBI: What do you hope people listening will take away from your music?

Vibe God: The fact that it revolutionizes the concept of hip-hop music. The harmony and elegant R&B voice style mixed with an eccentric beat is like out of this world. I want to take you to a different dimension.

TBI: You used social media as a tool to get your work out there and make connections, which took you to the next level. Is that a medium you plan on continuing to use as you expand your fan base and grow as an artist?

Vibe God: Yes, that’s a tool I’ve been familiar with from day one, which is taking me further than I ever could think about.

TBI: What advice can you offer others when it comes to taking control and going after your dreams?

Vibe God: Don’t quit your day job. Nobody is going to give you money to chase your dreams. Practice good work ethics and believe in what you’re doing.

Image: Nicolas Peyrao

Vibe God’s new mini-album “Internet Candy” is out now and streaming on all major platforms. Be sure to keep an eye on this up and coming artist in the days to come.

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