Unity Travel reinvents the music festival experience


The best thing about living in the digital age is that people have access to a virtually limitless supply of music, movies, TV shows, and video games. Conversely, the worst aspect of the modern era is that it’s deceptively easy to become disconnected from the real world. As such, it’s necessary to occasionally step away from our electronic devices and have a real-life adventure.

Music festivals can provide that kind of life-changing experience. However, organizing the logistics involved with attending a multi-day event can be arduous. Even with advance notice, it can be difficult and expensive to secure lodging and transport near venues.

However, a company called Unity Travel is changing all of this. How? By giving fans the ability to attend the best festivals in a comfortable and affordable manner.

Share the Excitement with Friends

Unity Travel is different from other travel services because it allows consumers to customize their festival experience. One such way is by taking the thinking, logistics, and stress out of planning camping at a festival. Fans who never want to be far away from the music can book one of their QUBE tents. True to the name, these tents are spacious 8’ x 8’ x 8’ box-shaped portable shelters that protect attendees from the elements.

Furthermore, QUBEs feature blackout interior lighting, hooks, and pockets; so they make bedding down for the night convenient and comfortable.

QUBES are also designed to connect, so festival attendees can establish temporary communal areas while camping at their favorite events. As such, music fans can create unforgettable memories with their friends in between sets.

The company also has an option for revelers who like more amenities when attending one of the season’s most significant multi-day concerts. Unity Travel’s Hotel Takeovers involve the firm renting out an entire top-rated hotel specifically for festival goers. Thus, the service can provide its customers with low prices and quick and easy checkouts.

The service provides guests with round-trip shuttle service so they can keep the party going around the clock. Accordingly, group revelers can avoid the annoyance of having to pick everyone up at several different hotels before show time. Instead, fans can form bonds with other music lovers during complimentary brunch, group games, and other fun activities.

In other words, if you want to keep the #fam together and connect with other like-minded revelers, shufflers, dubsteppers, or whatever it is you like to do…you can do so with Unity Travel’s Hotel Takeover.

Have a Solo Adventure

Unity Travel also provides services allowing single revelers to live out their music festival dreams. The company’s Solo Traveler Program lets lone concertgoers book one or two spots within a shared room. Through the program, fans can attend shows with quality accommodations for far less than the price of a traditional reservation.

What’s this mean? Well…we’ve all been there. Hearts have been set on a particular festival all year long, but as it gets closer and closer, people begin to drop out. The dream, the experience, the vibes don’t have to die there. You can go it alone, and Unity Travel will not only make sure you are safe and sound, but you still have the best experience that goes beyond your wildest festival dreams.

Unity Travel will connect you with compatible travelers. Customer music taste, gender, age, and social interests are all factored into accommodation matching. As such, the firm ensures its solo travelers are comfortable and have the opportunity to make new and meaningful relationships. In other words, just because the original #fam wasn’t able to make it doesn’t mean that a new #fam isn’t waiting for you at the festival.

The company also lets groups of two book lodging spaces so couples can take amazing romantic vacations without emptying their bank accounts. With the price of festivals these days, well…that’s simply amazing.

Furthermore, Unity Travel employs a host of on-site staff to help revelers check in, find the shuttles, and have fun at the shows. The company’s representatives can even take photos should the need arise (so you can do it for the ‘gram and never worry about #fomo).

And best yet, the firm even offers plans that give customers access to its accommodation and shuttle services for low monthly payments.

Truly, Unity Travel offers music lovers a better way to attend their favorite festivals. All fans have to lose is the persistent feeling of boredom that comes with staring at Twitter all day.