New Spotify feature lets you make a playlist for your pet

Spotify's new feature lets people make a playlist for their pet.
Image: Spotify

Since its inception, Spotify has stayed ahead of its competitors by going viral. No one can forget the wave of yearly recap snapshots that everyone posts at the end of the year. By getting its name out there and attracting new customers, Spotify maintains a comfortable lead over competitors like Apple Music and Amazon Prime Music.

Now, it’s appealing to a new type of audience. Specifically, the furry friend kind. The streaming service launched a new feature today that allows users to create a specially curated playlist for their pets.

Who Let the Dogs Out?

The new Spotify Pet Playlist tool lets subscribers choose from five different types of pets including dogs, cats, iguanas, birds, and hamsters. It is housed on its own branch of the Spotify website, just like Wrapped is at the end of the year. After choosing which type of animal they own, users are asked to input some of their pet’s personality traits.

You can choose from characteristics like whether they are energetic or relaxed, friendly or shy, and apathetic or curious. After answering these questions, users can add their pet’s name and a photo. Then, Spotify creates a personalized playlist based on the info.

According to the streaming service, each Pet Playlist is, “An algorithmically created playlist based on your listening habits and your pet’s attributes, so it’s music you can both enjoy.”

Whether or not our animal friends actually enjoy it is another question. Of course, it’s not one that they’ll be answering anytime soon.

Pet Science

Although this might just seem like a gimmick, it appears that Spotify did put some actual time into creating the Pet Playlist tool. The site mentions that the service collaborated with experts in the pet industry to try and determine what music certain animals would like. While this isn’t an exact science it’s certainly fun to play your pet their very own playlist and see how they react.

If you have a cat, it might be happier just sitting in a box. It’s safe to say that iguanas probably won’t notice. However, it’s hard not to smile while imagining a hamster sprinting on its wheel while jamming out to the “Rocky” theme song.

Clever Move

Interestingly enough, Spotify performed a survey which found that 71 percent of pet owners play music for their pet. They also found that eight out of ten people believe that their pet enjoys music.

That might not be too far off.

Some actual scientific research has shown that playing music for pets (especially dogs) can help reduce anxiety when they are left alone. Although nothing can replace the impact of having their owner at home with them, studies show that music is better than nothing when it comes to keeping a pet happy.

Appealing to the emotional side of the many pet owners out there is a clever move on Spotify’s part. Sure, playing a random playlist for your pet would probably work about the same. However, playing them their own custom playlist just feels better. For Spotify, the benefits will come when its millions of users start sharing snapshots of their pet’s “favorite music.”

Though Pet Playlists aren’t exactly innovative, Spotify continues to use these features to attract and retain users. In doing so, it is securing its crown as king of the music streaming industry.


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