Spotify launches Premium Duo plan for couples

Spotify's Premium Duo plan is perfect for couples.

Sharing your Spotify account with a significant other isn’t quite as simple as sharing a Netflix password. If they don’t have a similar taste in music, it can disrupt your recommended playlists and “Daily Mix” stations. Still, there are a lot of reasons why couples want to share their music.

One of them is cost. That’s why Spotify is officially rolling out its Premium Duo plan. It will cost $12.99 a month and gives two users living at the same address access to Spotify Premium and some unique features specifically designed for couples.

Jam Out Together

Prior to launching its Premium Duo plan, Spotify gave the service a trial run in select markets. Subscribers in Colombia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland have been able to access the discounted plan since last year.

Now, Premium Duo is rolling out to more than 55 markets, including the United States. At a glance, it doesn’t appear that much has changed from the original test version.

With the new $12.99 a month pricing structure, two users each get their own Premium account and split the bill. While the plan is obviously aimed at couples, there’s no reason that roommates or friends couldn’t opt-in as well. The only caveat is that both people need to be living at the same address.

Aside from giving both users the ability to create their own playlists and listen simultaneously, Premium Duo also introduces a special Duo Mix playlist. It updates regularly with music Spotify thinks both people would enjoy.

Since the streaming giant’s algorithms know what each person likes individually, it is able to curate a playlist that appeals to both users’ tastes. Think of it as the middle portion of a Venn diagram. Listeners can choose between a “chill” or “upbeat” Duo Mix playlist depending on their mood.

Duo is a slight discount for couples who might otherwise be using the $14.99 family plan (which supports up to six users). It’s also a big discount over paying $9.99 each for two individual Premium plans.

Music for All

Spotify’s latest plan reiterates the fact that the streaming platform wants to be a part of everyone’s life regardless of what stage they are in. It now offers either a discount or a special plan for couples, students, and families.

Moreover, Premium Duo is a reflection of Spotify’s continued need for recurring revenue. It said in a recent earnings report that ad-supported revenue is falling below its forecasts. That’s mainly because advertisers are limiting their budgets in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

With less money on the ad-supported side, Spotify needs to entice users with its Premium offerings. Duo isn’t Spotify’s first creative way to attract more people to its paid offerings. In the past, it has offered free Hulu and a free Google Home Mini to Premium members.

It will be interesting to see how many people adopt Premium Duo now that it is rolling out worldwide. If it is a success, Spotify could continue crafting niche plans for people in other situations.


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