Spotify 2020 Wrapped launches with new features

Spotify launches Wrapped 2020 with new features.
Image: Spotify

There hasn’t been much to look forward to in the slog that is 2020, but little blips of gold like Spotify 2020 Wrapped tend to add a bit of reprieve from an otherwise bleh year. That’s right, this week millions of users were treated to the company’s year-end tradition of summing up their unique listening experience in fun, shareable snippets that offer, at times, laughable insights into their audio streaming habits.

Like that one time you went on a Hall and Oates binge that ultimately made the irresistible ‘80s pop duo crack your top 5 artists. (Quarantine impacts people in interesting ways.)

The company’s algorithm was busy cranking out unique metrics for each user, and eye-opening stats like your top artist, top genres, top songs, listening hours, and more are bundled up in a quick (and oddly gratifying) experience.

This year, Spotify also rolled out new features that heightened Wrapped and showed their continuing investment into all things podcast.

Unwrapping New Features

For starters, the full experience will be exclusively available on the Spotify app for mobile users. Though, there is a paired down web version for those without Spotify itching for a taste of the fun, where the company will share its global trends, like top artists and top-three podcasts.

Mobile users will be treated to the new “Story of Your 2020” feature, which unpacks your unique listening habits in an Instagram Story-like format to the tune of your favorite song of the year. (Cue “Maneater” by Hall & Oates.) The company also unveiled an interactive flair to Wrapped, with in-app quizzes that take place within the story feature, where users are asked trivia questions unique to their listening habits.

Users can also view how many artists and genres they discovered throughout the year and tune into three new, unique playlists that Spotify was nice enough to curate, including “Your Top Songs, “Missed Hits” and “On Record.”

Spotify has been bolstering its Podcast game for some time, and this year’s Spotify Wrapped will feature a deeper look into users’ podcast listening habits. Now info like your total podcast listening hours and the most “binge-worthy podcasts” are readily available.

How to Access This Awesome Audio Experience

Accessing Spotify wrapped is simple and can be done in a couple of ways. Just head to the Spotify Wrapped site, log in, and sift through your unique stats. Or, access the app and click on the “Your 2020 Wrapped” section. The rest is a matter of clicking through and getting lost into glorious Spotify data.

Top Spotify Artists and Podcasts of 2020

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a drag, but a select few artists and podcasts apparently got Spotify’s millions of users through quarantine times, including songs from an ill-behaved rabbit and your favorite part of the week, along with podcasts from a Fear Factor and MMA announcing extraordinaire and a talkative Ted.

You probably guessed it; Puerto Rican hitmaker Bad Bunny racked up 8.3 billion streams to take the top streamed artist slot. And The Weeknd’s “Blind Lights” was streamed 1.6 billion times to earn the most-streamed song.

Other top artists include Billie Eilish, who earned the honor of Spotify’s most-streamed female artist for two years in a row now, followed by Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande in the second and third spots.

Meanwhile, the ever-popular Joe Rogan Experience made it to the top of the podcasts list, followed by TED Talks. 

So with that, we’ll leave you to your streaming. Happy Holidays, happy streaming and bah humbug to 2020.


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