Apple Music Replay is here to rival Spotify’s year-end Wrapped playlists

Apple Music Replay gives users a feature similar to Spotify's Wrapped.
Image: Apple

Since Apple Music launched four years ago it has steadily made up ground against market leader Spotify. While Apple Music boasts Beats 1 Radio, exclusives, and additional content to keep subscribers happy, there was one feature that eluded the service: Spotify’s year-end retrospective, Wrapped

If you’re a diehard Spotify user, you’re no doubt aware of the feature that gathers your favorite songs, albums, and artists of the year in a colorful package. If you know a diehard Spotify user, you know about Wrapped because everyone feels compelled to blast their listening habits across all of social media. This week, Apple Music took a significant step to match Spotify’s marquee feature by introducing Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Unleashes the Data

Much like Wrapped, Apple Music Replay bundles all of your listening habits into a fun year-end playlist. Beyond the playlist, the new feature tells you how many streaming hours you logged and also reveals your top 10 artists of the year. It then gives you a break down of your top songs, how many different artists you listened to during the year, and your personal top 10 albums along with how many total albums you listened to. 

Perhaps sensing that Apple Music users were chomping at the bit to get their hands on their personalized listening data, Apple Music Replay also delivers retroactive playlists. Apple allows users to see playlists of top songs from 2018 all the way back to 2015. If anything, it’s a nice trip down memory lane to a time when Apple Music didn’t have a dark mode. 

The big difference between Spotify’s Wrapped and Apple Music Replay comes in frequency. That is, while Spotify only gives users with a year-end wrap-up of their listening habits, Apple Music Replay gives users updated data every week. Apple Music Replay will give listeners fresh data and an updated playlist every Sunday.

It’s a savvy move for those who want to track their listening habits more closely. Where Spotify’s Wrapped places a bow on a year’s worth of listening, Apple Music Replay routinely provides listeners with fun data. In many ways, the feature is reminiscent of older listening trackers like These tools feed users their listening insights nonstop. You can visit to check out your own stats. 

Catching Up with Spotify

While Apple Music Rewind is a long-overdue feature, both services have gone to great lengths to give users what they want—more data. Spotify recently debuted a new artist app that gives artists insights into how many people listen to their music in real-time.

Bringing users nearly all of the music recorded in history was one milestone for Spotify and other streaming services. Now, providing users with interesting, entertaining data and compelling add-ons like interviews and video content seems to be the next phase in capturing an engaged subscriber base.