‘Game of Thrones’ showrunners drop ‘Star Wars’ project for Netflix work

David Benioff and DB Weiss are reportedly dropping their 'Star Wars' triology to focus on Netflix projects.
Image: Cody DeBos / The Burn-In

“Star Wars” fans are probably rejoicing today after news broke that “Game of Thrones” showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss are no longer working on their upcoming trilogy set in the universe. Following the dumpster fire of “Thrones” season eight, fans have plenty of resentment for the duo. As a result, many didn’t want them handling yet another precious franchise.

Back in August, the Double D’s inked a massive $200 million deal to produce exclusive content for Netflix. It appears that the streaming deal is the reason for the shift in attention. Fans now have yet another thing to thank Netflix for.

According to the duo, “There are only so many hours in the day, and we felt we could not do justice to both ‘Star Wars’ and our Netflix projects.”

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Due Credit

Before endlessly bashing Benioff and Weiss, it’s important to keep things in perspective. The first 5-6 seasons of “Game of Thrones” were some of the best television ever produced. This was in no small part due to the duo’s writing that brought George R.R. Martin’s characters to life.

However, when the pair lost the author’s guidance for the latter two seasons, things took a sharp turn for the worse. Benioff and Weiss are certainly capable of producing stellar work—when their hearts are in it.

As such, it’s probably for the best that the duo is choosing to focus their efforts in one place. Everyone should genuinely hope that they recover from the “Thrones” season eight mess with a captivating new Netflix show. At the same time, it’s understandable why fans of “Star Wars,” a timeless and massively important franchise, don’t want the duo involved.

Deep Breath… For Now

At least in the foreseeable future, “Star Wars” seems to be in good hands. With “Rise of Skywalker” releasing in December (and wrapping up an all-time epic storyline) fans will have one last chance to bid adieu to the franchise before it starts moving in different directions.

Fortunately, there will be plenty of “Star Wars” content for fans to enjoy in the coming years. “The Last Jedi” director Rian Johnson has a new trilogy in progress while MCU mastermind Kevin Feige is developing his own standalone film. It isn’t clear if Disney and Lucasfilm plan to move ahead with the Benioff-Weiss trilogy with new showrunners. Regardless, when Disney+ launches in November, there will be even more “Star Wars” to binge.

“The Mandalorian,” a live-action series about the famous bounty hunter, will launch with the streaming service. Meanwhile, Ewan McGregor plans to reprise his role as Obi-Wan for a Disney+ show of the same name at some point.

However, fans might not want to put their worries aside completely just yet. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy said, “David Benioff and Dan Weiss are incredible storytellers. We hope to include them in the journey forward when they are able to step away from their busy schedule to focus on ‘Star Wars.’”

While this may never actually come to fruition, the intergalactic threat is all-too-real.