William Shatner boldly goes on WAX Blockchain to sell digitized memorabilia


Star Trek” icon, William Shatner, plans to hold a digital memorabilia sale through online trading platform WAX Blockchain. The “where no man has gone before” actor will be offering a selection of nonfungible token (NFT) cards featuring photographs from his eight-decade career.

Genre fans participating in the event can acquire a board range of goods, including candid photos, rare correspondence, and, most inexplicably, a dental x-ray.

Captain Kirk’s … Digital Yard Sale

WAX’s William Shatner sale will spotlight a wide range of rare and unseen virtual memorabilia. In an interview with Cointelegraph, the performer revealed his lot contains clips highlighting his time as Christopher Plummer’s understudy in “Henry V.” It will also include his modeling headshots, a telegram from “West Side Story” producer Ray Stark, and a candid photo of the actor embracing co-star Leonard Nimoy on the “Star Trek” set.

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Although Shatner’s sale features online recreations of physical items, each asset is unique and is counterfeit-proof. Moreover, each NFT card will be stored in WAX Cloud Wallets, making them ultra-secure for users and also to trade. Besides, each virtual collectible will also come with a caption written by TJ Hooker himself to underscore authenticity.

Nerd culture enthusiasts can get a hold of Denny Crane’s teeth scans by purchasing packs of digital cards. Since the packages are unlabeled, buyers will not be able to snap up their favorite bits of celebrity detritus directly. However, participants could snag a Golden Card in their lots, which are redeemable for physical collectibles like autographed action figures or photographs.

“I am delighted to be sharing curated images from my archives with not only the world, but with eternity,” said Shatner. “There is a saying that putting something online is forever. I disagree. Putting something on a blockchain is forever.”

In a press release, WAX noted a launch date for the Priceline Negotiator’s sale is forthcoming.

How WAX Blockchain Works

In broad strokes, WAX is kind of like eBay, but with a greater focus on securely swapping verified digital items. In real life, collectors know the commodities they exchange are legitimate thanks to certificates of authenticity. The worldwide asset exchange replicates that buyer security via blockchain; each piece sold through its service has detailed product specifications and comprehensive ownership records.

Essentially, WAX gives consumers access to virtual items that possess an indelibility that is uncommon in the online world.

Erstwhile indoor kids can use the decentralized service to buy digital collectibles and valuable in-game assets. In addition to teaming with the toupee-sporting TV heroes of yesteryear, WAX has formed partnerships with Topps and ITAM Games. As such, WAX’s users have been able to purchase one-of-a-kind, unduplicatable virtual Garbage Pail Kids trading cards, and Dungeon Princess NFT content.

If Shatner’s WAX sale (boldly) goes well, other celebrities may follow suit by holding purchasing events of their own. Geeks could one day buy digital reproductions of Robert Downey, Jr.’s old Burger King receipts, signed Polaroids of Evan Rachel Wood yawning on the set of “Westworld,” or authentic scratch paper doodles from the “Rick and Morty” writers’ room.


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