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China is a travel destination that is sure to be on the bucket list of many. It has a deeply fascinating history, an established culture which dates back several thousand years. While Europeans were living in mud huts and daubing paint on their faces, Chinese culture was highly organized and sophisticated.

The Great Wall

From as early as the 7th century BC and up until as recently as 1644 AD a series of defensive walls and military fortifications were built, known collectively today as the Great Wall of China. They were constructed over many centuries, as the area we now call China expanded westward from its early origins in the fertile basin and valley of the Yellow River. The defenses were put in place to protect trade routes, encourage trade, discourage would-be invaders and control emigration and immigration.

China’s Second Great Wall

The wall was built to last; in the 21st century it still stands tall and proud. It is a major tourist attraction for foreigners visiting the country, as well as being a big draw for Chinese tourists. As a tourist to the country, you will probably take with you your Smartphone, pad, or laptop so you can keep in touch with the folks back home. If you do, you will undoubtedly encounter the second Great Wall of China, although you will probably not be aware of it.

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Exactly what is this Firewall?

The ‘firewall’ monitors internet traffic coming into the country; it is a very effective method of gathering intelligence on all things trade and political. However, China is not alone in closely monitoring the private activity of its citizens; so-called ‘free nations’ monitor internet usage of their citizens and that of visitors to the country under the guise of “national security.”

For example, since 1972, every single international telephone call into and out of the USA has been recorded. Russia makes no secret of the fact that it monitors internet usage of foreign visitors; South Africa isn’t exactly a shrinking violet regarding state security. Turkey monitors “suspected” internal and external “dissidents” and is not averse to imprisonment without trial. These few facts alone highlight how important it is to use a VPN service, no matter where you live or where you are visiting.

Can I Browse Securely?

All internet activity is monitored at ISP level for starters. Google and other web giants such as Facebook collect and accumulate personal data in order to sell it to companies, advertisers, and other interested parties. Every website you visit will place a cookie on your laptop, phone, or pad. However, to get around this, increasing numbers of internet users are making use of a VPN to secure their web access and online activity.

A VPN service is a tool that you can use to ensure privacy and anonymity online. NordVPN China for example is used by journalists, news gatherers, and business travelers as a way of maintaining security in their professional capacity while in the country. Additionally, VPN can be used to securely and anonymously access the internet from anywhere in the world.

Getting Around the Firewall

In order to bypass the firewall, you need to select a VPN service that will allow you to remain anonymous. One of the major benefits of using a VPN service is that, not only do you remain anonymous, but there is no trace of your internet activity while using the VPN. This provides maximum safety for your computer and maximum security and privacy for you the user.

Be Safe, Be Secure

Remember, it isn’t just governments that want to know about your private life, your browsing habits, contacts, and other personal information. Information is big business; how do you think Google, Facebook, and other similar entities make their billions? All the web giants use censorship of political debate and data manipulation in one form or another to help swell their coffers at the expense of anyone who happens to use their service.

Wherever you are, wherever you want to travel and with whom you want to communicate, it makes sense to use a VPN service. No matter where you are located, your online activity will remain private and anonymous, your data will remain secure and your personal information will remain private.

It doesn’t make sense not to!


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