T-Mobile to launch 2GB $15 Connect plan if Sprint merger goes through

Though the FCC has approved the massive Sprint-T-Mobile merger, hurdles still remain.
Image: Cody DeBos / The Burn-In

When news broke that Sprint and T-Mobile were planning a merger, opinions were instantly split. Some feared that the move would create less competition and higher prices while others began thinking of the benefits that might come with the joining of two major telecom companies. With the deal still facing legal pushback, T-Mobile is making moves to try and get things done.

It announced on Thursday that, if the merger is successful, it will offer a budget-friendly Connect plan for just $15 a month. Customers will receive 2GB of data along with unlimited talk and text. Best yet, that price will include access to T-Mobile’s fledgling 5G network.

Great Deal Pending

Should the T-Mobile-Sprint merger go through, the new plan will be a tremendous value for consumers that aren’t worried about unlimited data. Since mobile carriers started touting their unlimited plans, it has been difficult to find a metered plan that doesn’t cost just as much. T-Mobile’s sweet new deal will not only entice new customers, but it will also give current subscribers a convenient option if finances are tight.

The new plan will work like most metered data allowances and gives users the option of purchasing extra gigs as needed. It’s unclear how much that will cost. For subscribers who like the idea of a budget plan but need more data, there is also a 5GB plan for $25 a month.

Meanwhile, T-Mobile will give users an extra incentive to stick around. For every year that you have the plan (for the first five years), an extra 500MB will be added to the data allowance. So, without paying anything extra, after a year the plan would include 2.5GB, after two years it would include 3GB, and so on.

T-Mobile has already said that the prices of these two plans won’t increase for at least five years. Still, whether they ever come into existence depends on if the merger goes through.

Rallying Support

Previously, The Burn-In reported that 14 state attorneys general are filing a joint lawsuit in an attempt to stop the deal. Shortly after, two states withdrew from the suit after T-Mobile made some enticing promises. In exchange for their support, the company will provide early 5G coverage to Mississippi residents and expand its Colorado headquarters by 2,000 employees.

Now, T-Mobile is attempting to prove that the merger won’t cause an increase in service prices for consumers but will actually benefit everyone involved. Its new budget plans are just one of the tactics that it is using to rally support for the deal.

T-Mobile also announced on Thursday that its nationwide 5G network will launch on December 6 and that it plans on investing $10 billion to provide free service to 10 million households in an effort to close the “homework gap” for underserved children.

The trio of moves will certainly put the Un-carrier in favor with the public. However, we’ll have to wait and see if its goodwill can sway legislators enough to let the landmark merger go through.