Tinder activates music festival mode
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Spring appears to be a period of renewal for social networking companies. Earlier this week, Facebook unveiled several sweeping changes to its platform and now Tinder has gotten in on the action. The digital dating service launched a new music festival-focused connection feature on May 2.

Festival Mode will allow Tinder users to add badges to the profiles indicating their presence at popular live music events. The app will match users with festival badges with their fellow concert attendees as events draw near. With that information, romance-seeking music lovers can theoretically improve their connection outcomes by being paired with available hyperlocal matches.

Tinder’s Festival Lineup

The firm will activate Festival Mode three weeks before a prominent U.S. or U.K. music festival is held. The app’s current event lineup includes the Las Vegas and Orlando iterations of the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), Tennessee’s Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival, New York’s Governors Ball, and Manchester, England’s Parklife. Right now, the company has 12 festivals on its special event calendar.


Tinder introduced Festival Mode because it noticed a music event related trend. The firm recorded a 300 percent increase in app usage in the area where Bonnaroo 2018 was held as the festival took place.

“It’s no secret that Tinder is a must-have app for singles attending music festivals around the world,” said Tinder CMO Jenny Campbell. “So we wanted to create a new experience that makes it easier to connect with other concert-goers before even setting foot on festival grounds.”

The Real Motivation for Introducing the New Feature

Tinder didn’t introduce its new feature simply to bolster its customer satisfaction metrics. The firm is also using Festival Mode to launch a series of brand activation events. The company’s pop-up marketing promotions will feature photo opportunities and VIP upgrade giveaways.

Corporations stage brand activation events to increase consumer interest. Tinder appears to be offering exclusive celebrity and event access to get more people to attend certain music festivals. It’s worth noting that the dating service is sponsoring several of the events it’s highlighting, including Governors Ball, EDC Las Vegas, and country music jamboree Faster Horses.

As far as these things go, Tinder is acting with refreshing straightforwardness. The firm disclosed that it’s doing brand activations in tandem with Festival Mode at launch. Furthermore, it’s not concealing the fact that it has corporate partnerships with the events to which it’s directing its users.

The corporation is less likely to make its users feel betrayed and abused because of its transparent business practices. The company’s openness will also keep it off the radar of government regulators and campaigning politicians. In contrast to social networking giants like Facebook and Google, Tinder’s new feature rollout seems almost revolutionary.

Perhaps the notion of a non-toxic social network isn’t as farcical as it once seemed.

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