Tesla opens Amazon store featuring phone cases, apparel and model cars

Tesla opens online Amazon store

After a mixed 2018, it appears that Tesla is aiming to put its best foot forward with consumers in 2019. One way the electric car maker is pursuing that goal is by making a bunch of licensed merchandise available via the Tesla Amazon store. Although Tesla has sold various sundry items through its website, the corporation only began moving goods through Amazon on Feb. 5.

While there are currently no flamethrowers on offer, there is a quality assortment of sleekly designed branded phone cases, apparel, and model cars for sale.

Tesla Pivots to Toys, Hoodies and Overpriced Mugs

In terms of clothing, the Tesla store sells men’s and women’s fleece hoodies for $70-75 in sizes ranging from Grimes to XXL. They are complemented by Tesla hats available in black or gray. According to the item descriptions, neither the hats nor hoodies contain any IoT textile enhancements, but it’s worth remembering these are only the version 1 models.

Tesla is also selling formfitting and folio cases for iPhones 8, 8+ and X, which at $35-45 are a lot cheaper than Apple Care. Most enticingly, Tesla is selling really sharp looking 1:18 scale diecast models of its S P85, S P100D, and X cars. At $250 each, the Tesla model cars are not cheap, but they are advertised as being extremely detailed as they are made using the same 3D CAD data used to make the real sedans.

The Tesla Amazon store is also selling branded coffee mugs for $25 for anyone who wants to advertise their inability to properly manage their money.

Model 3 Sales Supremacy and Model Y Production Updates

In less trivial Tesla news, the carmaker’s Model 3 sedan has officially been named the best-selling luxury car of 2018. In total, Tesla moved 146,000 of the Model 3 last year, outpacing legacy luxury car brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz. The Model 3’s success is being attributed to the brand’s ability to position it as the electric car of choice for luxury buyers and Tesla’s sorting out of its production problems in July.

Additionally, on Feb. 6, it was reported that Tesla will likely begin volume production of its forthcoming Model Y very soon. The corporation is said to be setting up casting lines for the compact electric SUV at its Gigafactory 1 in Nevada. As such, it’s likely that Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s prediction of the Model Y going into production by early 2020 will come true.

Though Musk previously stated that he would be okay with his car company going out of business if electric cars thrived, Tesla’s strong sales, stabilized production line, and possible disruption of Big Toy suggests a long and bright future for the California-based auto manufacturer.