Switch Online quickly becoming the Netflix of gaming for 8-bit lovers

Switch Online brings classic 8-bit back

Nintendo has been a household name with casual and hardcore gamers alike for several generations. They are now continuing their run at the top with their impressive portable console, the Nintendo Switch. By allowing players to play at home, in an Uber, or anywhere else their heart desires, Nintendo has once again transformed the video game world.

But that’s not all the Switch offers. Little known to some users who are too wrapped up with Zelda or Super Smash Bros, there is also an incredible selection of classic games. Like a sort of Netflix for NES games, Switch Online lets users access several 8-bit classics. The best part? It’s all included in the price of your monthly subscription to the online service.

New Experiences, Free of Charge

It’s great to play classics on the Switch. There’s nothing quite like playing “Dr. Mario,” “Metroid,” or “Ninja Gaiden” on the go with a modern console. However, the NES library offers something much more than classic games already loved by gamers: the chance to experience new things, free of charge.

Netflix’s “Bird Box made waves recently thanks to its unique storytelling and concept. However, a lot of viewers might not have seen it if they had to buy a movie ticket for the theater. Fortunately, they didn’t have to. Since it was included in the standard subscription price (for something you’re already using to watch something else), millions of people were able to experience a great movie.

Nintendo’s online NES library does the same thing. It lets users play games that they might not pay for or play otherwise. For example, gamers can enjoy simple 8-bit games like “Soccer” and “Tennis” among many others. These classic games are getting new life thanks to this model of access.

Possible Platforms to Come

With the success of the NES app through Switch Online, Nintendo is reportedly looking at adding games from other platforms to the library. For one, SNES seems to be a natural addition that could be added conceivably soon.

Though it was slow to get started, Nintendo’s NES service is certainly off to a promising start. By adding support for other old consoles, the service could soon become a mecca for fans of game history. This doesn’t even include the fact that the Switch Online service comes with a host of other features. For example, the option for online play and connectivity with other players, similar to a PSN or Xbox Live membership.

At just $20 per year, the Switch Online membership is more than worth the money. Considering that old console games can cost around $5 per dusty cartridge, users can get their money’s worth by just playing a few NES games.

As the service continues to grow, keep an eye out for additions to Switch Online’s library of content. You might just see some classic favorites, or even new ones to try, show up.