Sleep-based Pokémon mobile game coming in 2020

Pokemon Sleep in development as new mobile app
Image: Pokemon Company

On Tuesday, The Pokémon Company unveiled a slew of information about the popular video game franchise’s future. The firm plans to break into the Chinese market in a major way, launch a cloud-based crossover platform, and release an interesting new mobile game. Entitled “Pokémon Sleep,” the forthcoming app tracks players sleep time and integrates their data into gameplay via a branded biometric device. The corporation plans on presenting its latest innovation to the public in 2020.

Forthcoming Pokémon Products

The Pokémon Company also has plans in place to take up many of its customers waking hours. Next year, the firm is rolling out a crossover gaming platform called Pokémon Home. The cloud-based service will allow trainers to bring pocket monsters from “Pokémon Go,” “Let’s Go,” and “Sword & Shield” into one shared environment.

The organization is making its new service cross-platform as well as cross title. Pokémon Home allows Switch, iOS, and Android users to manage and trade their creatures with other players. Trainers can also import their Nintendo 3DS-based Pokémon as the service is Pokémon Bank compatible.

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The gaming giant is also preparing a few different Pokémon offerings for release soon. In collaboration with Japanese mobile game developer DeNA, the firm will debut “Pokémon Masters” on iOS and Android. The title will allow gamers to team up with and compete against iconic Pokémon trainers like Brock, Misty, and Red.

Lastly, the firm is looking to cash in on the success of the “Pokémon Detective Pikachu” film. Nintendo is working on a Switch port of the 2016 3DS game on which the movie is based. However, the revamped “Detective Pikachu,” which has no set release date, will feature a brand new ending.

Breaking Into China

The Pokémon Company is bringing its popular free-to-play mobile title “Pokémon Quest” to China. A 2018 Android, iOS, and Switch game, “Pokémon Quest” was downloaded 7.5 million times during its first week in release. Within a month, it generated more than $8 million in mobile content revenue.

Additionally, the firm has partnered with Chinese publisher NetEase to bring China its first mobile Pokémon game. In May, the Asian developer opened up registration for the forthcoming title and has already signed up 1.7 million interested players. Though the Chinese version of “Pokémon Quest” has no announced release date, its producers noted it would be “enhanced.”

The corporation might be able to expand its Chinese offerings even further thanks to a new deal between Nintendo and Tencent. Last month, the Chinese tech conglomerate received provisional approval to start selling Switches domestically. Given its kid-friendly games, the Pokémon Company’s is ideally suited for success in the conservative Sino game market.

Since its founding in 1998, the Pokémon Company has established itself as one of the most enduring popular brands of its era. However, given the robust and diverse nature of its new products, the firm’s most successful years might be still be to come.