Image: Louis Vuitton

One of the more eye-catching items on display at this year’s CES was the foldable, flexible display screen. Foldable displays have, of course, been in development for some time. It’s just that at this year’s CES, developers pushed things a little further, whether that was with the foldable, Fruit Rollup TV or curved car windshields.

But besides just looking cool as sh*t, foldable displays have still yet to catch on for the wider public in a practical sense. And that probably won’t change anytime soon because the world of high fashion is now catching onto the flexible display trend.

Louis Vuitton Embraces the Flexible Display

If your Louis bag wasn’t already enough of a flex, you can now stunt on your friends with LV’s upcoming flexible-screen handbags. The built-in, Royole displays are AMOLED and have 1920 x 1440 resolutions. LV unveiled two models, one bag with one screen and another with two screens.


Just what can you display on your gaudy Louis Vuitton flex-screen handbag? On the runway at Cruise 2020, models carried around the bags which displayed what looked like a web browser and a digital cityscape. So, basically so far something like the slideshow that appears when your Apple TV goes to sleep. Maybe not the most inspiring choice, but there is potential for more. An LV spokesperson told Engadget that “[t]he idea is to think of the handbag as an extension of the smartphone.”

You can Display Your Face on a Bag, but it will Cost You

As The Verge points out, the screen-on-the-handbag thing is nothing new as there have been attempts before LV to place a screen on our everyday accessories. Pix, the backpack screen Kickstarter also debuted at this year’s CES.

With Pix, users can customize their screen with a mobile app that houses a quick custom art generator and image library. But, while undoubtedly useful and cool in some respects, the Pix starts out at $259. Going even further back, Pop-I hit the CES floor in 2017 with a bag that featured a simple e-paper display and ran upwards of $400.    

While the LV hasn’t released pricing for their flexible screen bag, it’s…well, LV. It will probably be a lot. Here’s to hoping a knock-off hits the internet soon.

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