KFC’s Beyond chicken sold out in just five hours

Beyond Fried Chicken now at KFC
Image: YouTube | Beyond Meat

The fake meat craze is officially in full force. From Burger King offering the Impossible Whopper to KFC’s latest experiment with plant-based fried chicken, it’s apparent that Americans can’t get enough.

Following a test at one restaurant in Atlanta, The Colonel sold out of Beyond’s imitation chicken in just five hours. People waited in a line wrapping around the building before the restaurant even opened to get a taste. Following a hugely positive social media response from tasters at the event, it seems like there might be one more fast food joint offering fake meat before long.

Faux Meat Frenzy

On Tuesday, KFC started a trial of Beyond Meat’s plant-based chicken. When the company prepared for the event, it probably didn’t plan to sell out so quickly. In fact, it sold more of the fake chicken in five hours than it typically sells of popcorn chicken in an entire week, according to a report from Engadget.

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Folks hoping to get a taste of the fried “chicken” lined up before doors opened. Yes, that means they were ready to eat at approximately 10 a.m. Morning or not, fans loved the collaboration between KFC and Beyond.

Interestingly, there are two background factors that may have contributed to the massive success of the experiment. Primarily, KFC went to the trouble of painting the Atlanta location bright green. This is despite its plan to only serve Beyond Chicken for a day.

Meanwhile, chicken lovers everywhere have recently been debating whether Chick-Fil-A or Popeyes has a better chicken sandwich. All of the hype surrounding chicken likely drove hungry passersby to the restaurant for a taste of the alternative.

Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner?

Though this event was a big success for both KFC and Beyond, the future remains uncertain. As of now, neither company has confirmed if the partnership will persist. Though, it is fairly certain that Tuesday’s success demonstrates that faux chicken at least deserves a larger trial run.

Likewise, with more restaurants hopping on the imitation meat train, fans are eyeing the world’s largest fast-food chain: McDonald’s. Thanks to the Impossible Whopper’s success, fans are dying to sink their teeth into a plant-based Big Mac.

While Beyond and Impossible compete to win the hearts and minds of consumers in a small but growing market, inking a deal with McDonald’s could tip the scales. After all, with nearly 38,000 locations flipping fake burgers for 68 million customers a day, it would be impossible (pun intended) to deny the stability of the faux meat industry. Whoever wins that contract will likely emerge as the primary supplier for the industry as a whole.

While KFC might be serving up Beyond Fried Chicken at all of its locations soon, when that will be is beyond (yes, another pun) anyone’s best guess. For now, fans will have to visit locations like Tim Hortons or Burger King that are already serving faux meat at all of their locations in order to get their fix.