Impossible Burger to make grocery store debut

Impossible Foods will debut its plant-based burger to grocery stores this Friday.
Image: Impossible Foods

Though many plant-based meat lovers concur that the Impossible Burger is the best product on the market, something has held it back from massive success. Until now, the alt-meat hasn’t been available in grocery stores thanks to a holdup with FDA approval for one of its ingredients. Now, fans will be able to purchase Impossible Burger for their own recipes during their next grocery run.

Needless to say, the FDA issue is cleared up. With a massive backing of people that have already gotten a taste in restaurants and fast food joints, Impossible Foods’ meat will likely see new levels of success.

West Coast Burger

Though it shouldn’t come as a surprise, Impossible will debut its plant-based burger product on the West Coast. Starting on September 20, it will be available in 27 Gelson’s Markets in Southern California. Though, if the past is any indication, that supply won’t last long.

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In June, Impossible’s biggest competitor, Beyond Meat, announced the second iteration of its Beyond Burger. However, what sets the pair apart is that Beyond is already available in grocery stores. From its burger patties to plant-based sausage links, the company has gained a lot of fans by giving them products that they can cook with at home.

Now, Impossible will try to replicate that success by packaging its arguably superior product for consumers. Though Impossible Burger will only be available in West Coast grocery stores to start, the company hopes to roll it out to the East Coast by the end of September. By mid-2020 it plans to have the product stocked nationwide.

Impossible has been teasing the grocery store release of its plant-based burger via social media for the past week. It accidentally gave the surprise away by revealing that it will launch in a Los Angeles market.

Plant-Based Craze

Across America, consumers are going nuts for plant-based meat. This has led to some lucrative deals for companies like Beyond and Impossible. The latter currently supplies the patties for Burger King’s all-new Impossible Whopper at more than 7,000 restaurants. Likewise, Beyond supplies burgers to Carl’s Jr. and meatballs to Subway. It is also perfecting a plant-based chicken recipe for KFC that sold out in five hours during a test run last month.

For now, Impossible Burger will retail for $8.99 per 12-ounce package. This makes it more expensive than most ground beef but still puts it within the price range of many eco-conscious consumers.

Buyers will have to line up early to get a taste of the product. Gelson’s will limit purchases to 10 packages per visit—at least for now. Given the market’s current craving for alt-meat products, Impossible Burger will be flying off the shelves in no time.