The I Like Scary Movies pop-up in LA puts fans in the middle of iconic horror movie sets

I Like Scary Movies art installation in Los Angeles is perfect for the art aficionados' 'gram
Image: I Like Scary Movies

For some horror fanatics, watching their favorite movie isn’t enough.

Some fans want to become immersed in a horror movie’s universe. They want to bask in its gloomy atmosphere and live in its otherworldly landscape. In other words, they want to snap eye-catching pictures for the ‘gram. Luckily, the new interactive experience, I Like Scary Movies, allows horror enthusiasts of all kinds to partake in all of the above.

Famous Horror Movies With a Twist

Based in Los Angeles, I Like Scary Movies is the brainchild of mononymous experiential artist Maximillian. The artist has worked on several interactive art installations in the past, including a “Pirates of the Caribbean” walkthrough at Comic-Con and a drone light show at Dodger Stadium for “Wonder Woman.”

“I wanted to do something that I personally would love to go and see,” said Maximillian speaking with Nerdist. “If I was going to something like this, what would I want to see? How would I want to see these movies that I love reinterpreted?”

The I Like Scary Movies Experience takes five Warner Bros. horror movies—”It: Chapter One,” “Beetlejuice,” “The Shining,” “A Nightmare on Elm Street,” and “The Lost Boys”and plunges visitors into iconic scenes from each. But with a twist.

For his vision, Maximillian didn’t simply recreate scenes. Instead, he offers interpretive twists on classic images. For example, instead of blood spilling from the elevators of The Overlook Hotel (“The Shining”), there are red door keys to Room 237. His numerous creative decisions move the presentation beyond a simple, lazy Instagram opportunity into something more unique and more immersive than the typical pop-up experience that appears in Los Angeles.

A Work in Progress

To bring I Like Scary Movies to life, Maximillian worked together with a team of artists and illustrators. Rather than tell his partners precisely what components he wanted in each scene, he used a collaborative approach. For each installment, Maximillian provided doodles and descriptions and allowed the illustrators the freedom to take it to another level.

Moreover, instead of featuring the same installation for the entire run of the pop-up, Maximillian adds new elements and items to the scenes every day. This constant tinkering gives new experiences to viewers. It also helps combat social media-posted spoilers.

Furthermore, Maximillian explained the point of the exhibit isn’t for people to discover every easter egg. “You’re not hand-held, and there’s no making sure that you’re noticing every single little detail,” he tells Nerdist. “I want to make sure people lose themselves inside these walls and find things.”

I Like Scary Movies runs in Los Angeles at The Desmond until June 16. Maximillian says he may add one more movie to the current Los Angeles run, but it doesn’t stop there. I Like Scary Movies could hit the road. Therefore, horror fans beyond L.A. might find themselves in Pennywise’s clown room sooner rather than later.