How to fully reset your Google Home devices

These tricks will help make your Google Home more useful.

Google’s lineup of Home devices is great. There is a gadget suited to everyone’s needs that helps get things done and keeps users entertained. However, you may find that you need to perform a factory reset of your Google Home device.

Whether that’s because it’s acting up, you want to sell it, or just want a fresh start, there are plenty of reasons to wipe your Google Home clean. Although the various models function almost identically, resetting them is actually a little bit different.

That’s why The Burn-In put together this guide on restoring your Google Home to its factory settings. This is how to do it with each model.

Resetting an Original Google Home

Google’s first Home device changed the Internet of Things (IoT) for the better. It brought consumers a great-sounding Bluetooth speaker packaged with the company’s AI-powered Google Assistant. The combo was a success and consumers flocked to the original Google Home.

With that being said, it is also the oldest device in the lineup. That means many people have a reason to reset theirs. Fortunately, doing so is extremely easy.

To reset an original Google Home, you’ll first need to find the microphone mute button on the back of the speaker. It’s located near the top of the device and is hard to miss. Then, simply press and hold the button for 15 seconds until the Google Assistant announces that it is resetting.

Resetting a Google Home Mini or Nest Mini

Google pulled a brilliant move by introducing a smaller version of its Home speaker in the form of the Home Mini. The device makes the perfect companion to Black Friday deals and is often bundled with larger tech products as a promotion. It is just the right size for a bedroom or bathroom and allows users to connect their entire house to the Google Assistant.

Recently, Google rolled out the second generation of the device, dubbed the Nest Mini. For those confused by the name, Nest is a new subsidiary of Google.

Resetting a Google Home Mini or Nest Mini is easy. For the first generation device, press and hold the factory reset button (a small, raised circle underneath the speaker) for 15 seconds until a sound plays. The newer Nest Mini requires two steps to complete a reset. First, flip the microphone switch to the off (orange) position. Then, press and hold the center of the speaker (where the lights are) for 15 seconds until a sound plays.

Resetting a Google Home Max

With fans wanting more, Google introduced its Home Max. The smart speaker packs plenty of audio punch and fills large rooms with music.

It features a factory reset button near its power cord connection on the back. Holding it down for 12 seconds will trigger a full reset. Like with the original Home, Google Assistant will tell you when it begins the process.

Resetting a Nest Hub or Nest Hub Max

Two of Google’s newest Home units are the Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max. These devices feature a crisp touch display for better interactivity. Users can also see things like recipes, making them perfect for the kitchen.

To reset either device, simply press and hold both volume buttons (located on the back) for 10 seconds until the Google Assistant lets you know that it’s resetting.


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