How to install the iOS 14 public beta on your phone

This is how you can install iOS 14 on your phone.
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Apple’s long-awaited iOS 14 is almost here. For those who don’t mind installing software that’s still being developed, the wait is over. Apple is making the public beta for iOS 14 available to consumers.

This guide will walk you through the steps to download and install the beta on your device and determine if it’s compatible. It also contains a rundown of iOS 14’s helpful features. For a more comprehensive summary of the latest software version, check out the piece we published last month following the update’s unveiling at Apple’s virtual WWDC event.

Steps to Install the iOS 14 Public Beta

For anyone who isn’t part of Apple’s developer program, this is the first opportunity to test out the new software firsthand. The iOS beta will update periodically as Apple gets feedback from users who download it and continues to develop its features. Ultimately, the program will culminate with the official release of iOS 14, which will likely occur later this summer.

Before you rush to install the public beta, you should know that beta software isn’t perfect. Although it’s stable enough for general use it may still have bugs and issues. This could result in decreased functionality, poor battery life, or loss of critical functions.

If you’re willing to roll the dice with the beta of iOS 14, then go for it. If you’re too wary of these issues, it’s probably best to wait until the final version is released.

If you do decide to install the iOS 14 beta, you should first make a backup of your device’s data in case something goes wrong.

That being said, installing the software update is pretty straight forward. First, head over to Apple’s beta software portal from Safari on your iPhone. You’ll need an iPhone SE or newer to run iOS 14. To make things simple, any device that currently supports iOS 13 will be able to upgrade to the newest OS.

On Apple’s beta software portal, select “Enroll Your Devices” from the top of the webpage. After that, select “iOS.” Doing so should trigger a reminder to back up your phone in case you need to revert to a previous software version. Again, this is highly recommended.

Next, scroll down to a button that says “Download Profile” and tap it. This brings up a warning, to which you should select “Allow.”

A pop-up window should appear that prompts you to set the new profile from the Settings app. Inside Settings, a new section called “Profile Downloaded” should now appear near the top. Tapping it will let you access the beta software download. Once the profile is installed, follow the typical update process (Settings>General>Software Update) to install the iOS 14 beta.

What Does iOS 14 Offer?

Apple’s latest software version has plenty of perks that make upgrading worth it. The most notable is a home screen redesign that introduces widgets. These Android favorites allow you to get helpful information from different apps at a glance directly on your home screen.

It also includes a new App Library (yes, like Android’s app drawer) that lets you easily organize your apps based on categories. Soon, Apple will introduce Picture-in-Picture to iOS 14, which means you’ll be able to watch a video without it getting in the way of your other stuff.

The latest software version brings changes to incoming call notifications and Siri’s response animation as well to make them less intrusive.

The above features only scratch the surface of what iOS 14 includes. There are changes to Memojis, Apple Maps, group messages in Messages, and so much more. The beta will start adding these features as it gets closer to its official release later this year.


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