Apple Card now available to all US iPhone users

The Apple Card is coming in August, just in time for back to school purchases.
Image: YouTube | Apple

Apple’s long-awaited credit card is finally here. Technically, it was here at the beginning of the month for select users. Now, however, it is available to all qualifying applicants in the United States.

Meanwhile, the full rollout also includes new cashback perks on purchases through Uber and Uber Eats. Apple says that more merchants will be added to the program in the coming months. With the shiny new card finally available, Apple lovers can get excited about all it has to offer.

Here at Last

Apple first introduced its branded credit card to the world in March of this year. After the five-month wait, users can finally get their hands on it. Like all Apple products, there will certainly be an influx of applicants hoping to swipe the trendiest card out there.

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After thousands of Apple employees first had a chance to test the card, it has apparently succeeded with normal users too. Starting today, all iPhone users in the U.S. will be able to apply for the Apple Card. This can be done through the iOS Wallet app.

Jennifer Bailey, vice president of Apple Pay, is extremely happy about how it is doing so far following its limited debut at the beginning of August. She says, “We’re thrilled with the overwhelming interest in Apple Card and its positive reception. Customers have told us they love Apple Card’s simplicity and how it gives them a better view of their spending.”

The shiny metal card is accompanied by a digital version. It also features a unique number that will be used for Apple Pay purchases. Meanwhile, neither the physical or digital card comes with a true credit card number or CVV code. This means it will never expire.

Cash Back Galore

Previously, The Burn-In reported that Apple’s new credit card will come with plenty of opportunities for users to earn cashback. The Apple Card will reward users with two percent back for purchases made through Apple Pay and three percent on purchases at the Apple Store. That will include paying for a subscription to the company’s upcoming streaming service, Apple TV+.

Meanwhile, Apple announced today that its card will offer rewards for non-Apple purchases as well. People who use Uber and Uber Eats will get three percent cash back on purchases through Apple Pay within the respective apps.

The company also says that it plans to include more merchants and apps in this cashback tier as time goes on. A lot of this will likely depend on how fast the Apple Card catches on and how many users sign up for it.

This strategy may work well for Apple as it hopes to attract its trend-loving, current followers to the card. Not many credit cards reward users for shopping with specific merchants—especially ones that people use every day. Of course, the card wouldn’t be an Apple product if it didn’t go against the status quo.