How to organize your Google Photos

Tips and tricks to organize your google photos

Google was able to brand their Pixel phone as having “unlimited storage” thanks to an app available to everyone: Google Photos. With this handy gallery you can store unlimited photos, videos, and screenshots without ever worrying about storage.

While having unlimited storage is great, it can leave you a little unorganized. Fortunately, the Google Photos app is packed with tools to help users keep their collections tidy. Best of all, these seamless tools require little effort and won’t slow down the overall experience.

Here’s how to organize your Google Photos collections:

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Become An Albums Power User

Anyone who’s used a photos app in the past is familiar with making albums. After all, making albums has been around since before smartphones even existed. Obviously, putting your photos into different albums is the most straightforward way of staying organized. However, Google Photos offers some features to make it even more structured.

How to Create a Manual Google Photos Album

  1. Select images you want to include by holding your finger on one for a second or two. Once a check mark appears, select additional photos by tapping them.
  2. Tap the plus icon in the top-right portion of the screen and choose “Album” from the dropdown menu. If this is your first album, select “New album.” (To add selected photos to a previous album, just select from the list.)
  3. Give it a name that lets you know what’s inside and click the blue check.

That’s all it takes to start getting organized. But what if you want to create albums containing pictures of certain people? This could take a really long time to make if you have to create each one by hand.

Fortunately, Google Photos comes with a facial recognition feature to make your job easier. You can create albums based on someone’s face or even the face of your favorite pet. Then Google will do all the rest.

How to Create an Automatic Google Photos Album

  1. Select the “Albums” tab and tap “New Album”
  2. Choose the option to automatically add photos of people & pets and tap confirm
  3. Name your album
  4. You’ll need to choose a photo or two to get started so pick one that shows the person (or pet’s) face clearly

Once your new album is set up, Google Photos will automatically fill the album with all the pictures you have of the selected person. When you take new photos, they’ll be added in, too.

Be a Searching Wizard

Once you’ve set up your albums, you may want to search for a specific photo. We’ve all been there. Having a certain picture in mind to show someone or look at and not being able to find it in your album is the worst. Now, thanks to Google Photo’s background AI, you can search your photos based on a variety of features.

How to Search your Photos using the Google Photos App:

First, go under the “Albums” tab. There you’ll find several items in the top row starting with “People.” Let’s break down what each of these means:

  1. The “People” option will sort and display your photos based on who appears in them. This is great for finding a favorite pic with your friend or family member.
  2. “Places” allows you to see your photos grouped by where the picture was taken. If you remember taking the picture but can’t find it, this is a perfect choice.
  3. “Things” may be the most powerful of the options. It groups your photos by just about anything you can think of. From zoos to flowers and holidays to beaches and selfies to screenshots, the Google Photos AI can analyze and display your photos based on what’s in them.

You can also search by limiting the selection to videos, collages, or animations. If you know exactly what you want, you can simply type directly in the search bar. For example “pink shirt” or “concert.” Your description skills are the only limit on this powerful software.

You’re My Favorite

Finally, if you have photos you refer to often (saved receipts, login info, profile pics) you can choose to favorite them. This makes it easy to keep track of your favorite (pun intended) photos for viewing later.

To mark photos as a favorite, follow the steps below:

  1. Open the image or video you want to favorite
  2. Tap the star icon in the top right corner

Easy enough. Now, all your favorite photos are grouped at the top of the “Albums” tab for quick reference later on.

By following these simple steps, you can make the power of Google Photos work for you. You’ll never be lost searching for a photo in the mess of your gallery again. If only you could use Google Photos to organize the rest of your life. Maybe one day. For now, this powerful photo tool will keep your phone a little more organized.