Google is redesigning mobile search to get users better results

Google is refreshing its mobile search tool with a cleaner look.
Image: Unsplash | Solen Feyissa

Part of what makes Google’s search tools so attractive is the fact that they are constantly being updated with new features. Of course, sometimes that can also make them feel cluttered when they should be simple. Google’s mobile search tool has gotten complicated recently thanks to the introduction of new features.

Now, Google is redesigning how its search results look on smartphones and other mobile devices to create a cleaner experience for users. Ultimately, the change puts search results front and center to deliver a more useful and efficient experience.

Search Gets Simpler

Screen real estate on mobile devices is at a premium. Ask any web designer and they’ll tell you that finding ways to get more information on a small screen without it feeling cluttered is tricky business. Even so, consumers don’t want to scroll endlessly just to find what they’re looking for.

Based on renders of Google’s new mobile search view, it appears that there will be more information available at first glance. Google designer Aileen Cheng said, “We want to let the search results shine, allowing people to focus on the information instead of the design elements around it.”

That means there will be more text visible on each result page with fewer cards and less interactive content. In line with this shift, Google is also making text easier to read. It will do so by making the words larger and bolding key elements to help users scan the results.

Google also aims to unify its branding by using the same font it does in Android as well as in apps like Gmail. This should make users feel at home and subconsciously remind them that they’re using a Google product.

Cheng says that it will also make scanning search results more efficient. She notes that it “helps people parse information more efficiently.”

Decluttering and Recoloring

Keeping with the theme of simplifying, Google is also creating more “breathing room” on its mobile search pages. Cheng says, “We decided to create a new edge-to-edge results design and to minimize the use of shadows, making it easier to immediately see what you’re looking for.”

“The overall effect is that you have more visual space and breathing room for Search results and other content to take center stage,” she adds.

Along with this, Google is rethinking how it displays colors in mobile search. The company went through a number of design iterations, some using bright shades and others using muted tones. Instead of overwhelming users with color, Google decided to opt for a cleaner approach. Mobile search will now feature a plain background and colors will only be used to intentionally guide users along a page.

The final part of Google’s redesign has to deal with its logo. The round, “bouncy” feel of it is being integrated into other parts of the mobile search experience. Users can expect things like the Search bar and magnifying glass to have the same form.

Google plans to roll out its redesign in the coming days. It is a great reminder that sometimes simpler is better.


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