Fun Alexa games to play on your Amazon Echo

The most fun games to play with Alexa on your Amazon Echo.

Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa, is helpful for many different reasons. However, it also likes to have a little fun. If you have an Echo device, you might not have known that it can play a variety of entertaining games. From classic game shows to unique concepts, these are some of the best Alexa games to play on your Amazon Echo.

Escape Room

By now, you’ve probably heard of the escape room trend. Getting locked inside a room and needing to solve clues to escape isn’t for everyone, but it can certainly be fun. The Alexa version of the experience forces you to think critically and use your voice to get out.

The game includes five different locations to escape from—jail cell, office, car, spaceship, or garage—each with a varying level of difficulty. Alexa offers clues and puzzles that you’ll need to solve before getting out. Players can interact with the digital assistant by “looking” in various directions, “inspecting” objects they discover, and “using” those objects to alter the environment.

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Escape Room is free to play, just enable the skill in the Alexa app.

Deal or No Deal

Ever wanted to choose cases alongside Howie on Deal or No Deal? Now’s your chance. While it might not be the same as competing for a million dollars, Alexa’s version is a fun take on the popular game show.

Players start by picking a case out of 22. They then go through three rounds, opening a varying number of cases, while trying to find the ones with the least money. After each round, the dreaded banker sends in an offer to try and tempt players away from the more valuable cases. To play, just say, “Alexa, play Deal or No Deal.”

Song Quiz

Remember Shazam? Now, you get to take its place as a lightning-quick song identifier. Song Quiz is a perfect Alexa game to enjoy solo or with some friends. If you choose to play solo, Alexa will automatically match you up with another player to compete against.

To start, players choose a music category, such as a genre or time period. Alexa then plays a few seconds of a random song and players must guess both its title and the artist who sings it. Only knowing one of those yields just half the points. After six regular rounds and one bonus round, the player with the most points wins.

Song Quiz is also free to enable within the Alexa app.


Everyone’s favorite trivia show has also found its way onto Echo devices. Fans can finally play Jeopardy! from home. Better yet, the game is hosted by Alex Trebek. Players will answer a series of clues over several rounds. Just like on the show, you’ll need to answer in the form of a question (“What is…” “Who is…”).

Jeopardy! for Alexa gets new trivia questions every weekday, which means that players will never get bored. To start, just say, “Alexa, play Jeopardy!

The Magic Door

The next title on this list is a unique one. The Magic Door takes players on a quest through mountains, the sea, or a dark forest to try and find a magic door. After choosing the setting, Alexa walks players down a path, narrating the surroundings and what’s ahead.

Along the way, you’re presented with choices about whether you should keep going or turn back. As the game progresses, players are able to interact with the world, collecting hidden items, solving riddles, and even helping magical creatures.

Like the others, The Magic Door is free to enable, just do it within the Alexa app before playing.


If you’re a fan of the 20-questions game format then Akinator will be an enjoyable way to pass time. Players start by thinking of a character from their favorite movie, show, book, or even a real-life individual that is well known.

Next, Alexa asks a series of yes-or-no questions to try and guess who you’re thinking of. The game has a shockingly-high success rate and is extremely hard to stump. To give it a try, just say “Alexa, open Akinator.”

Blackjack (Beat The Dealer)

Just because you don’t have physical cards sitting in front of you doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a few rounds of Blackjack. With Alexa, the game is available at a moment’s notice.

A virtual dealer will give you a hand that Alexa then reads aloud before telling you the value of one of the dealer’s cards. The virtual assistant then gives you the choice to hit, draw or stand. The game works just like regular Blackjack, ending with the first player to get 21 or “bust.”

There aren’t any surprises to this one, but it’s a simple way to pass time if you’re a fan of casino games. To play, just say, “Alexa, open The Dealer.”

Hunt the Yeti

If you want a way to test your memory then look no further than Hunt the Yeti. This title requires players to tap into their memorization and visualization skills in order to succeed. Players take on the role of a hunter who is lost in a cave that is a five-by-five grid.

The goal is to tell the hunter which way to throw his spear after getting close to the yeti and “smelling” it. However, running into the beast, falling into a pit, or being carried off by oversized bats will put a quick end to the hunt. Players interact with the world by moving their hunter north, south, east, or west, and choosing which direction to throw their spear.

True or False?

Finally, Alexa games are always fun to experiment with as a group. True or False? is a great pick for dinner parties as it can be played with up to 20 people. Alexa goes around the room asking true or false questions to see how much players actually know about the world.

To make it competitive, players can keep score to see who’s the smartest of the bunch. Of course, you can also play solo to challenge your own knowledge.



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