Beyond Meat will soon be fakin’ bacon

Beyond Meat has plans for bacon

Everyone’s favorite breakfast meat might soon not be meat at all. As America fawns over imitation burgers, California-based company Beyond Meat has its sights set on delivering a crispier meat alternative: bacon.

According to recent reports, Beyond is currently developing a plant-based bacon recipe. Although it is unknown when the fake bacon will be available, plenty of questions already surround its existence. For example, will consumers even be interested?

Even so, with imitation meat stealing lots of headlines right now, there may be a market for Beyond’s newest addition. All consumers can hope for is that it’s better than turkey bacon.

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bacon

Beyond Meat has pretty much perfected the art of creating imitation meat products. With burgers and sausages (patties and links) under its belt, Beyond is ready for the next challenge. However, due to the public’s passionate love affair with bacon, this offering will likely be harder to produce than anything the company has done thus far.

For starters, bacon’s essence depends heavily on its texture and cooking pattern. While making plants feel like homogenous ground beef is difficult, it will be near impossible to replicate strips of bacon. If Beyond has any hope of its faux bacon succeeding, it will need to emulate the crisping and sizzling of the real pork product. Conjuring its intoxicating cooking aroma wouldn’t hurt either.

Overall, the news that Beyond Meat will take a crack at creating imitation bacon goes well with its current focus on breakfast meats. Consumers craving plant-based sausage can find Beyond’s version on breakfast sandwiches from both Tim Hortons, and recently, Dunkin’.

Crispy News

There’s little dispute that bacon is delicious. Plus, in the past year, meat alternatives are undeniably surging in both the market on Wall Street and in supermarkets nationwide. Since Beyond Meat saw its IPO in May, its stock has skyrocketed almost 700 percent.

Meanwhile, Beyond’s biggest competitor, Impossible Foods, enjoys a partnership with Burger King in the form of the Impossible Whopper. Recently, the company also announced plans for fake fish. While Impossible has the upper hand in the burger market, Beyond’s plan to offer fake bacon could cement it as the imitation breakfast meat leader.

Everyone knows that breakfast food is the best food. So, perhaps aiming for this market is a sound strategy. More Americans than ever are turning to restaurants like Dunkin’ and Tim Hortons for a quick sandwich in the morning. By putting Beyond sausage, and soon, Beyond bacon on the menu, the company can significantly increase its brand awareness.

While it remains to be seen if Beyond can pull off imitation bacon in a way that makes consumers choose it over the real stuff, the plan is certainly promising. However, as of now, there is no current timetable for the project. Regardless, if anyone has the potential to deliver a tasty, crispy alternative to bacon, it’s Beyond.