5 best Super Bowl 2019 commercials

5 top Super Bowl commercials

Super Bowl LIII is in the books and the New England Patriots pulled off another win in a rather boring, yet history-making game.  The 13-3 victory notably marked the lowest-scoring game in the franchise’s 53 years and by sweeping their sixth title, the Pats also tied the Steelers for claiming the most Super Bowl titles ever.

While the game may have lacked excitement, the commercials faithfully delivered an entertaining blend of humor, heart-tugging stories, and high-profile celebrity cameos. Our picks for the five best Super Bowl 2019 commercials are listed below.

Amazon Says Sorry, Alexa, “Not Everything Makes the Cut”

Amazon’s tongue-in-cheek Super Bowl commercial shows us Alexa might not be suited for every application. In fact, some of the popular virtual assistant’s epic fails are revealed in the comical ad. For instance, Forest Whitaker is shocked he can’t use his AI-powered toothbrush and listen to a podcast at the same time. And, Harrison Ford is annoyed when his defiant pooch disobeys him and orders a truckload of dog food, courtesy of his Alexa-enabled collar. Further fails find the “Broad City” girls getting blasted out of a voice-prompted hot tub fountain show and a group of astronauts accidentally triggering Alexa to shut down the global power grid from the space station.

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Stella Artois Brings Sexy Back with “Change Up the Usual”

Sarah Jessica Parker and Jeff Bridges reprise their iconic Carrie Bradshaw and The Dude roles from “Sex and the City” and “The Big Lebowski” in Stella Artois’ hilarious ad. The Belgian beer brand promotes the slogan “Change Up the Usual,” as the legendary characters swap out their signature Cosmopolitan and White Russian cocktails in favor of a Stella Artois. The unexpected switch causes a disastrous chaotic ripple throughout the bar and the “Sex and the City” theme song adds a fun musical element.

Microsoft Sends a Heartwarming Reminder, “We All Win”

Microsoft’s heartwarming ad for the Xbox Adaptive Controller delivers all the feels and is arguably the most moving of the bunch. In it, kids with limited mobility talk about their love of playing video games. The tech giant’s life-changing controller is designed to help gamers with physical limitations play more easily. The children’s beaming smiles as they use the controller and play with their friends offer a bright reminder, “when everybody plays, we all win.”

Doritos “Now It’s Hot” Delivers Epic Musical Mashup

Doritos have delivered some epic Super Bowl commercials over the years and 2019’s ad is “Flamin’ Hot.” Chance the Rapper performs a spicy condiment-loving rap as he samples the bold new Doritos flavor and declares “my tongue is doing fine but the roof is on fire.” He’s eventually joined by the Backstreet Boys who serve up a sweet, dance-happy mashup of “I Want It That Way.” The ad may be cheesy, but only in the best ‘90s boyband-loving kind of way.

Pepsi Proves It’s “More Than Okay”

Pepsi pokes fun at its biggest rival in this year’s soft drink-affirming Super Bowl ad. A girl at a diner orders a Coke and the waiter asks, “Is Pepsi okay?” Steve Carrell jumps up and loudly defends the beverage brand by yelling, “Is Pepsi okay? Are puppies okay? Is a shooting star okay? Is the laughter of a small child okay?”

“The Office” star gets a little help from some famous friends as Lil John (wearing a shirt that says, “OKAAAY”) chimes in with “OKAY!” from behind a counter and female rapper Cardi B purrs her signature “Okurrr.” The witty ad is punctuated by Carrell saying, “I gotta come up with my own catchphrase” at the end.

Other notable ads included Audi’s heavenly electric car, robots who are sort of aware but still can’t feel, and a Bud Light commercial that both crushed us and lit a fire under us all at the same time.

With the onslaught of funny, provocative, and technology-driven commercials, it is clear that the IoT, electric cars and smarthomes are very much at the forefront of public consciousness. It will be exciting to see where the focus lies in next year’s batch of commercials.

Until then, we leave you with this…a commercial that simply stands apart from the rest; a reminder that boys will boys no matter how old they get; that both young and old love this game just the same; and finally, that though boys will be boys, it’s not a boys club any longer…the future is here and it looks great.