First Area 51 raiders arrested, facing six months in jail

First Area 51 raiders arrested in Nevada.

The inevitable has come to pass. On Tuesday, the first two Area 51 raiders were arrested by Nevada police for trespassing on a nearby nuclear facility. The pair of Dutch YouTubers had camera equipment and drones that already contained footage of the facility. They reportedly flew to the U.S. specifically for the event.

Now, they are facing up to six months in jail for the stunt. Months ago, The Burn-In predicted that people would take the tongue-in-cheek “Storm Area 51” Facebook event literally. Now, it has happened over a week before the meet-up’s scheduled date. Of course, this is an excellent reminder of what not to do.

See Them Jail Cells

By now, the infamous Facebook event has enticed more than two million people to hit the “going” button. While most of those are likely a humorous RSVP, Tuesday’s news shows that not all of them are.

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Originally prompting alien-seekers to come “see them aliens” the event claims that if raiders “Naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets.” Of course, those who are now actually showing up are seeing them jail cells instead.

A pair of Dutch YouTubers, Govert Charles Wilhelmus Jacob Sweep and Ties Granzier, were apparently the first two people to arrive. Nye County sheriff’s deputies found the duo’s car parked three miles inside the border of the Nevada National Security Site. The facility is a government-run nuclear center about 10 miles away from the infamous Area 51.

Inside the car, deputies found a camera, laptop, and drone that contained footage of the facility. Thanks to that irrefutable evidence, Sweep and Granzier now face six months in jail for trespassing on a military base.

Shortly after the news of their arrest broke, one commenter on the Facebook event page sadly said, “Our scouts have been captured.”

Party, Don’t Raid

Though the prospect of jail time might seem horrible, the YouTube raiders may have gotten off easy. After all, the Air Force sternly reminded would-be attackers that it has the right to use “deadly force” to defend its facilities.

As such, showing up on September 20 in Nevada for the raid is a bad idea. Undoubtedly though, more people will. More arrests are nearly certain in the coming days.

However, that doesn’t mean all of the Area 51 fun has to die down. The event’s original organizer, Matty Roberts, is currently planning a party in downtown Las Vegas for alien-seekers. According to the bash’s website, there will be plenty of alcohol and free entertainment for anyone over 21. This includes limited edition Area 51 Bud Light to celebrate the occasion.

As for those who would rather risk their safety raiding the facility than celebrating the absurdity of it all, the Lincoln County Sheriff, Kerry Lee, said that his department is prepared for “numerous people” to show up.