Apple Fitness Plus: Most common questions answered


by Tyler Read

Apple Fitness Plus is a new Apple service that helps to keep Apple watch owners fit via guided workouts across diverse workout categories. The service offers digital fitness classes led by charismatic trainers which can be viewed from your phone, iPad, or Apple TV.

This new service shows that Apple is setting its sights on new audiences. The company is starting to lean to the services-heavy approach that it has taken with the iPhone in recent years.

The app also includes a custom engine for recommending workouts that are based on your current routines and integrates with the Apple Watch by showing your activity rings on your screen.

The following are answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding the service.

How can Apple Fitness Plus be Accessed and What Workouts are Available?

Apple Fitness+ is available through the Fitness App on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV. You will be able to access the videos there. You will also be able to access your Apple Watch data on the screen.

Apple Fitness Plus has workouts across common categories which include cycling, treadmill, rowing, yoga, strength, dance, core, and cooldown. The classes are led by recognized individuals who have experience in their area of specialization.

During their presentation, Apple suggested that people who conduct the workout sessions will include professional athletes, yogis, martial artists, health coaches, and gymnasts.

An Apple Watch will be required and the service will not be accessible to it because of the on-screen integration.

For those who are looking to capitalize on this new service by becoming a trainer, a holistic nutrition certification is something that you should consider. It will boost your knowledge and also make you more employable.

Will Equipment be Needed?

This will depend on the type of exercise that you are doing. For example, if you are watching a running exercise that requires the use of a treadmill, access to a treadmill will be required. There are other classes that may require access to dumbbells and others which will require access to no equipment at all.

In most cases, there will be minimal use of equipment required.

Will it Work on an old Apple Watch and Where is it Accessible?

The answer to this question is, unfortunately, no.

The compatible Apple Watches are Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch Series 5, Apple Watch Series 6, and Apple Watch SE.

Unfortunately, the service is also currently not accessible outside of Canada, Ireland, the United States, Australia, or the United Kingdom. Like with most other offerings launched by Apple, this should eventually change.

Will There be Costs Involved?

Apple Fitness Plus is a subscription-based service, hence there will be costs involved. However, it is definitely very affordable.

It will cost $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year. Users have a 30-day free trial option where they can access the product for one month at no extra cost. There is a further option to share the service with five friends or family members at no cost.

What will be in the Videos?

There will be diverse subject material in the videos. This will range from treadmill runs to core work, and mindful cooldowns.

This will be more than just watching videos on YouTube. The Apple Watch that you use will also assist by tracking the number of calories that you have burned. It will also tell you your heart rate and the time you have been working out.

If the video requires you to focus on your heart rate, that will be made evident by the technology. It is a combination of educational videos and technology which assists in helping you more easily achieve your goals.

The Burn Bar will show you how far you are ahead of the average user in any given workout. An advantage of this is that it is equalized for weight and height. This means that it will be an accurate reflection of the effort that you put in without loss due to a genetic disadvantage.

Who are the Apple Fitness Plus Trainers?

There are many new trainers who will be featured in the Fitness Plus Service. They hail from different disciplines. There will be surfing trainers, jiu jitsu instructors, yoga instructors, elite athletes, professional runners, and more.

Over time, you will begin to become more familiar with the team of individuals that you are working with. This will make you more motivated and build familiarity over time, similar to a traditional fitness setup.

From time to time, the different trainers will feature in each other’s videos. This will create cohesion between sessions and it will also allow you to identify your favorites.

Who Should use this Service?

If you are an avid Apple user and a fitness junkie, it is definitely something you should consider. When you start a class, Apple will sync your workout metrics, including heart rate and calories burnt to Fitness Plus.

Some workouts will provide you with on-screen cues which will ramp up your pace and heart rate. Trainers will also give you insight or motivational thoughts to increase your performance.

As you start using the service more, Apple will start suggesting you videos to watch and trainers to try. This will aim to ensure that you get a balanced workout. It will also aim to try and prevent you from getting bored and using the same trainers over and over.

Another perk is that if you have an Apple Music subscription, you can download your music playlist in any of your workout classes, without the audio from the instructor.

Apple Fitness Plus Looks to get into the Fitness Fight

Apple Fitness Plus is set to provide competition to existing apps on iOS from Peloton, Les Mills and Fiit. It will pose a serious competition to Fitbit, which generates a lot of sales as their gear accommodates their health-coaching subscription service.

With virtual ways of training now becoming more popular, it will definitely be interesting to see how the product develops over time. Like with everyone, Apple sometimes fails and succeeds with their offerings, however, it cannot be denied that they always put in maximum effort into their productions.

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