Can ‘Apex Legends’ challenge ‘Fortnite’ for the battle royale crown?

Apex Legends on pace to beat Fortnite
Image: Respawn Entertainment

Ever since “Fortnite” planted its flag as the premiere battle royale game, plenty of competitors have stepped up to compete with the wildly successful online game.

One of the latest challengers comes courtesy of Respawn and Electronic Arts’ new battle royale extravaganza, “Apex Legends.” Though in its early days, there are plenty of indications that “Apex” could capture gamers’ attention for the foreseeable future.

The Rundown on “Apex Legends”

First off, there was some confusion surrounding “Apex’s” release, and that comes solely down to EA’s bizarre rollout. For months, EA has been teasing the much-anticipated release of their other online multiplayer title, “Anthem,” which has been in development for years. The publishing giant has given the runaround on the actual release date (finally landing on Feb. 22), but in the meantime, EA went ahead and launched “Apex.” The timing is odd, seeing as both games would effectively compete against each other.

Whatever the case, the game on everyone’s lips, for the time being, is “Apex” and it is easy to see why. Taking place in the “Titanfall” universe, “Apex” is set 30 years after the events of “Titanfall 2.” Players are arranged in squads of three and can choose from eight Legends, each of which has their own unique abilities. “Apex” drops unequipped players onto a shrinking map into a 20-squad deathmatch. Teams work together to gather supplies and weapons while staying within the map safe zones.

Like other battle royale games, “Apex” comes with customizable options like skins, different weapons, all of which Respawn will likely expand as the weeks roll on, along with new Legends. “Apex” is a tight package of slick gunplay, engaging characters, and an immersive map that should command gamers’ attention for a good while.

Impressive Growth

You may be thinking to yourself, “But can ‘Apex’ really challenge ‘Fortnite?’” The answer is, we’re not sure yet. But the early signs are encouraging, indicating that “Apex” may pose itself as a legitimate alternative at the very least.

Since the game’s release on Feb. 4, “Apex” has added over 25 million registered players. 10 million of those players came just three days after its initial release.

What’s even more impressive is that “Apex” has outpaced “Fortnite” when the latter was at the same stage. Four months after “Fortnite’s” launch, Epic Games reported a player-base of 45 million.

If you add in the fact that “Apex” isn’t available on smartphones, it’s clear that EA and Respawn could have a hit on their hands, a unique game that offers a strong option from the behemoth that is “Fortnite,” with much more to come.