All-In Noodles are a total meal-replacement

All-In Noodles is the ramen with all the nutrients needed for survival.
Image: YouTube | Nissin Foods Group Official Channel

Hipsters will remember the Soylent movement from a few years ago. The meal-replacement shakes had everyone casting off meals and drinking the powdered beverage instead. It isn’t too surprising that the trend died off rather quickly though. Now, All-In Noodles are a pack of ramen that might actually be a bottle of Soylent in disguise.

In reality, the dried noodles are a totally separate meal-replacement that contains every nutrient needed to survive. So, technically, someone could “healthily” live off ramen for three meals a day. The team behind All-In Noodles hopes the new product will fare better than its drinkable predecessor.

Perfectly Meme-able

The running joke for college students and struggling millennials is that they “live on ramen.” Now, that could be a reality. Perhaps even better is the fact that All-In Noodles come from Nissin, the company who makes the wildly popular Cup Noodles and Top Ramen.

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While there aren’t many meals easier to prepare than ramen, it isn’t typically a nutritious dish. Actually, between a lack of protein and a ridiculously high amount of sodium, it’s downright unhealthy. However, the new All-In Noodles are a perfectly balanced source of nutrition.

Each pack contains a third of the body’s daily nutritional requirements. From 26 vitamins and minerals to protein and dietary fiber, All-In Noodles can sustain a person when eaten for all three meals.

Noodle Roll

So, how exactly is Nissin able to create such a nutritious food from noodles alone? Although it may already be obvious, All-In Noodles isn’t just a package of tangled up starch strands.

Instead, the core of each noodle is jam-packed with nutrients before being wrapped in a traditional noodle coating. While it isn’t clear exactly what the matrix for the nutrients inside is, Nissin claims that All-In Noodles retain the texture and flavor consumers expect. As a bonus, having a hollowed-out noodle equates to 40 percent fewer carbs than a brick of traditional ramen.

All-In Noodles will come plain in a dried package like Top Ramen and in three flavor varieties in Cup Noodles form. Ramen lovers can choose from Abura (spicy rayu oil, pork, green onion), Tom Yum (lemongrass, coconut milk, cilantro), and Tantan (fiery Szechuan pepper). All the cup flavors will take six minutes to cook while the plain pack takes just four.

Consumers craving some nutritious ramen can order it directly on Nissin’s website. Shipping will begin on August 19.

While All-In Noodles aren’t quite as convenient as downing a bottle of Soylent, they are a viable meal-replacement strategy for those wanting a quick option. Whether or not they will catch on remains to be seen. If they’re as tasty as the ramen everyone already loves, then All-In Noodles shouldn’t have an issue finding success.