Alienstock music festival to be hosted by the guy who organized the Area 51 raid

Alien-seekers will descend on Rachel, Nevada in September for Alienstock, an extraterrestrial themed music festival.
Image: Alienstock Festival

Anyone who missed the planning of a September 20 raid on Nevada’s Area 51 is probably living under a rock. The tongue-in-cheek Facebook event quickly gathered RSVPs from more than two million people, eventually prompting an official statement from the U.S. Air Force. Since storming a highly guarded military base is a terrible idea, the man behind the event has now announced Alienstock, a free music festival.

While the event promises a weekend of live music, camping, and alien-seeking comradery, some are likening it to the ill-fated Fyre Festival. On top of that, the town supposedly playing host to Alienstock isn’t happy about it.

Alienstock One

After the Air Force released a statement saying it “stands ready to defend” Area 51 and all its assets, it became clear that people wouldn’t go through with the proposed raid. Although it was originally a joke, many feared that some radical alien-seekers would actually show up. As such, the event snatched top headlines across major media outlets for several days.

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The attention quickly ignited countless Area 51 memes and a wave of merchandise hoping to turn a profit off the hype. Now, Matty Roberts, creator of the original Facebook Event, has teamed up with an event producer to host Alienstock.

According to the official Alienstock website, the music festival will reportedly take place in Rachel, Nevada, the closest town to Area 51. Music lovers and alien believers can gather on the weekend of September 19-22 to celebrate all things extraterrestrial.

Though the Alienstock organizers have reportedly been approached by “huge names wanting to play for the crowd,” the artist list remains as shrouded in mystery as the existence of aliens themselves.

Time to Get Ugly

Although hosting a festival should certainly be smoother than raiding a military base, Alienstock may not go off without incident. In fact, the approximately 50 residents of Rachel warn that things will likely get ugly.

Somewhat disturbingly, the Alienstock website claims that the residents of Rachel are “totally on board” with the plan. However, the town’s official website directly refutes these claims. On the contrary, it says that residents will “not allow their town to be taken over.”

What makes this event even more concerning is the location itself. Rachel is 50 miles away from the nearest gas station and has practically no services. The town’s lone inn is already booked so festivalgoers will be forced to camp outdoors. Temperatures can range from the high 80s in the day to below freezing at night.

Limited Resources

The Rachel website goes on to say, “If you plan on attending the event you must be experienced in camping, hiking and surviving in a harsh desert environment and have a vehicle in good shape. You must be prepared to be completely on your own for food, water, gas etc.”

Meanwhile, it is likely that the influx of people will cause cell service in the area to go offline. Of course, all of this is bad enough. Still, the unsavory individuals that will descend on Rachel looking to take advantage of easygoing festival attendees must also be considered.

Despite Alienstock promising to have camping space, toilets, and drinking water, the event seems shaky at best. If Fyre Festival has taught us anything, it’s that these events rarely go as planned. Anyone hoping to attend Alienstock this September should do so with a grain of salt. In addition, they’ll need a carefully prepared plan to get out should things go awry.

Regardless, as Area 51 hype continues to grow it seems Nevada will be in for a wild September.