Afni: Knowing the company and its credit collection service

Afni debt collection review.

You received your latest credit record, and you may find a new account listed on it, and this is under Afni. You might wonder what might have transpired with your account, or you may ask, am I indebted to them? Maybe not, but now, maybe yes. So, how do you deal with it? What are you going to do? Check out these things to make you informed about Afni and the things they do.

Afni the Company

Also known as Anderson Financial Network Inc., Afni was established in 1938 and is a US-based global company in Bloomington, Illinois. The company started as a collection agency that handles clients for large companies in telecommunication, healthcare, satellite, cable, and insurance. Today, Afni is already a global contact center company that provides services in finance and commerce.

Afni has about 7,000 workforces in the United States and the Philippines, coming from different countries with different cultures and backgrounds. Their strong workforce helps the company grow in their revenue building by handling their services in contact center and receivables management for their clients. Today, Afni’s clients enjoy their services in customer service, product and sales service, technical support, insurance subrogation, and customer collections.

The Customer Collection Service

Afni is in the business of giving services to clients, and they were originally and most identified in accounts collection. Afni hires a pool of people to handle a client’s business process on their behalf. Some clients hire Afni for their debt collection process.

Afni clients provide a list of their customers who owe them an amount from the goods sold or services rendered to their customers. Afni provides a resolution and collection agreement between the debtors on behalf of their client company. Afni will collect the amount; thus, the debtor will now deal with Afni rather than the original company’s lender.

When the lender or the original company has forwarded your unpaid account to Afni, it is always anticipated that it will reflect in your credit report. A credit report is a record of credit history reflecting the detailed breakdown of an individual’s financial information. Once a credit report has negative information, it automatically means a low credit score for you. And this credit score will remain in your credit record for up to seven years.

Unfortunately, hurting your credit record for that long will diminish your chance to get a good deal on your next loan, and it may not be easy to get a job. It would even be difficult for you to get an apartment or a home when it happens to your credit history. You can visit Crediful if you want to know more about Afni.

What To Do With Listed Accounts?

The credit record would speak a lot, especially in the aspects of finance and business. When confronted with a negative credit report, always do the right thing to remove such unwanted information. And these are the most recommended things to do:

Send a Goodwill Letter

A goodwill letter is a written request asking the creditors to write off the negative remarks reflected in your credit reports. The act is called a goodwill adjustment since it is the lender’s prerogative to grant your request, and lenders are not obligated in any way. Some lenders may grant your request, but others can not do it because of their internal policies or an existing agreement with the credit bureau.

A goodwill letter may work if you are not a lenient offender, or the debt may be a missed payment from a medical or financial emergency. Another good reason is the honest mistake for nonpayment, but never the spotty history you have repeatedly missed.

Send Pay for Delete Offer

A pay for delete offer is another way to remove a negative credit record. The negotiation is done directly with the creditor to pay the account in full to remove the credit report’s negative details. The debts which are ideal for this negotiation are those debts that the credit bureau can not dispute.

Work With a Credit Repair Company

A credit repair company will help people fix their unpaid debts in terms of collection and even challenge your credit report’s inaccurate information. A credit report professionals will analyze every information, such as incorrect, unauthorized, or fraudulent items entered into the credit reports. A credit repair is granted a three-day right by The Credit Repair Organization Act for the creditor to cancel the credit free of charge.


Afni is originally a debt collection company commonly known for its services in accounts collection. While they have already expanded their services, credit collection is still on top of their service list. Once Afni assumes an account collection, it is no doubt that it would reflect in the borrower’s credit history. When this happens, it would surely reflect a negative detail on your record.

However, there are means to remove negative information on your credit record, and that would be decided upon which of them you should use to properly reverse the negative record in your credit report.


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